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Chamaedorea is a large genus of feather palms from Mexico and Central America.  They are generally rather small, attractive palms.  C. elegans, the parlor palm, is well known as a popular houseplant.  A couple species come from relatively high elevations in northern Mexico and are quite hardy.

C. radicalis has proven itself to be hardy in milder areas of the Pacific Northwest, easily tolerating temperatures down to -12°C/10°F and perhaps lower.  It is generally thought to be the hardiest species.  C. microspadix is just about as hardy though as well.  It may be that there are some other hardy Chamaedorea species, such as C. hooperiana and C. klostchiana, but it is generally considered that C. radicalis and C. microspadix are the hardiest two.  There are also hybrids between the two species.

Chamaedoreas are easy to grow from seed, and will even flower and set seed in the Pacific Northwest.  With ample summer water they are easy to grow.  C. radicalis is a smaller species (though trunking forms do exist) which likes full shade and looks good en masse.  C. microspadix is a larger species that grows well in dappled shade.