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Acrocomia is a very small genus of moderate sized feather palms from subtropical South America.  A. aculeata and A. totai are occasionally grown in Florida.  In other colder areas of the Southeast US, A. totai has shown some promise.  It is most definitely a palm that varies in its cold hardiness.  In one instance, a relatively cold hardy form of this palm withstood temperatures down to -9°C/16°F with some damage, and recovered.  However, some palms of this species have died at much higher temperatures.  At this time it is not known whether this palm would grow in the Pacific Northwest, but it should probably not be tried except for in the mildest microclimates.  It is likely to require a lot of heat for good growth, and might not be well suited to cooler coastal areas.  Anyone who wishes to try this palm should ensure that the parent palm is of a known hardy provenance.  The seed is not considered to be easy to germinate, and takes a long time.