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Photos of Eucalyptus glaucescens

Eucalyptus glaucescens, Vashon Island Botanic Gardens, Washington.  This tree has certainly taken on a striking open habit.

Eucalyptus glaucescens at Steamboat Island Nursery, Olympia, WA.  This tree is about five years old.  It was grown from Chiltern seeds.  None of the trees grown from that seed batch were damaged in the December 1998 freeze.

Intermediate and adult leaves of E. glaucescens in my garden.

This young E. glaucescens in my garden has a rather open growth habit.  This is probably due partly to genetics, and partly to the fact that it gets no summer water.

This E. glaucescens in a private garden on Bainbridge Island, WA has a much more full and somewhat weeping habit.  It is in good soil and gets summer water.

New growth of the large E. glaucescens at Steamboat Island Nursery.

A young E. glaucescens in a pot.  The juvenile leaves of this species are very attractive, silvery and closely spaced.  This tree is a little past due for planting out but would probably still not be set back too much.

Flower buds of the Chiltern E. glaucescens.

Seed capsules of E. glaucescens.

Trunk of E. glaucescens, Vashon Island Botanic Gardens.

The glaucous white stems of E. glaucescens in my garden have a fabulous texture.

E. glaucescens in habitat in Australia.  Photo courtesy of Milligan Seeds and Trees.

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