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Eucalyptus wilcoxii - Deua Gum (New South Wales) A small gum, probably hardy to below 10°F.

Eucalyptus williamsiana -William's Stringybark (New South Wales) Possibly worth a trial in zone 8.

Eucalyptus willisii - Grampians Shining Peppermint, Shining Peppermint (Victoria) A small peppermint of coastal areas and lower mountain ranges in Victoria.  This species reaches around 30 - 40' tall and sometimes has multiple trunks, but is always attractive and ornamental.  The bark is smooth, and the leaves are green and shiny.  It is quite a variable species, and ssp. falciformis from the Grampians exists.  Closely related to E. nitida.  Probably hardy to around 10 - 17°F.

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