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Eucalyptus urnigera - Urn Gum, Urn-pod Gum (Tasmania) This medium to large, fast growing tree is closely related to E. gunnii and E. subcrenulata.  It is easily distinguished by its seed capsules which are shaped exactly like small urns.  It grows to about 40 - 120' high and perhaps half to two-thirds as wide, and tolerates waterlogged soils and other difficult sites.  Like E. gunnii it has both blue/silver-leaved and green-leafed forms, of which the blue forms are generally considered the more ornamental (and probably hardier).  Despite the similarities to E. gunnii, it is in every respect a slightly superior ornamental to E. gunnii, primarily because of its habit and the way the masses of foliage are held, but also because the bark and leaves are slightly less drab.  The juvenile leaves are round, usually a little larger than those of E. gunnii and with ruffled margins, and sometimes with a glaucous-purple bloom like E. glaucescens.  Reasonably common in Britain but deserves more attention in the United States.  Hardy to -4 to +10°F.
Photos of Eucalyptus urnigera

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