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Dark Shadows Novels and Story Collections

Full length novels and story collections from some of the best writers in fandom.

Beginnings: The Island of Ghosts by Kathleen Resch and Marcy Robin: island of lush beauty, gem of colonial France, where voodoo

drums sound in the night... Against an historical background of civil war, slave

rebellion and voodoo secrets, Josette and Angelique grow to womanhood...

each seeking the love they know someday they will find.  $20.00


Dark Changeling by Lori Paige: A possessed stranger sets every inhabitant of the Collins estate

against each other...  $6.00


Decades: 1760-1800: Featuring stories by Dale Clark, Jean Graham, Geoffrey

Hamell, Kathleen Resch, Marcy Robin and Virginia Waldron, this illustrated

collection of original short stories and poetry focuses on the lives, loves and

tragedies of the Collins and DuPres families during the years 1760 to 1800.



Echoes: A collection of Dark Shadows stories and artwork.  $12.00


From the Shadows...Virginia Waldron: A collection of the best of Virginia's stories, taken from many

long out-of print fanzines.  $7.00


From the Shadows...Marcy Robin: A collection of the best of Marcy's stories.  Includes "Shadowed

Soul", "Twilight Hour", "Lonely Spirit", 23 others.  $5.00


Jessica by Nancy College: The adventures of Jessica Coleridge, a friend of Victoria Winters from the

orphanage, with a mysterious past of her own - a past that leads back to the 1790s.  Jessica's involvement

in the events of 1967 and 1968 means a vast change for all of the Collins family.  $20.00


The Lara Zine: Totally dedicated to Lara Parker, and all of the riveting characters she portrayed on

Dark Shadows.  Features stories by some of fandom's best writers, plus a special photo section titled

"The Many Faces of Lara Parker".  $8.00


Paradox by Kathleen Resch: Barnabas recognizes the woman he met as Roxanne Drew, the psychic he

met and fell in love with in Parallel Time.  But this was not the same Roxanne, yet she knew him - and

had compelling reason to hate him.  $10.00

ORDERING INFORMATION: Send check or money order to KATHY RESCH, PO Box 1766, Temple City, CA 91780-7766.  Or send e-mail to

Postage and Handling: 4th Class Postage included in the price of each book.  For mailing in a padded envelope, include $1.00 for exh two books ordered.  For 1st Class Postage, add $2.00 for every two books.

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