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Collins Enterprises

Welcome to the world of Dark Shadows merchandise.  The following are unpaid advertisements for various DS products.  All products are the responsibility of the selling agent.  Ordering information when available is included.  Please do not contact me or the Eagle Hill Homepage about ordering any of these things.  The Eagle Hill Homepage and pstoddard can not be held responsible for any claims or problems relating to these ads.  (God, I hate all this legal stuff, don't you?)  If you have a DS product you would like to have me post an ad for, feel free to write with the specifics.  Please include ordering information, pics, and all copyright information.  Only mass-market type products will be advertised.  No single items or offers, please.


MPI Media Group*

DS BOOKS (non-fiction)

Pomegranate Press*

In and Out of the Shadows by David Selby

Dark Shadows Concordances

DS BOOKS (fiction)

HarperCollins DS Novels

Dark Shadows Fan Novels and Story Collections


The World of Dark Shadows


2000 Dark Shadows Festival

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