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The DI Decision
How is DI Done?
Phychological Considerations
What About Fertility Testing?
What About Donor Screening?

Trying to Conceive?

Trying to Conceive?
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Trying to Conceive
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Recommended Reading

Helping the Stork
A wonderful book on the challenges and choices of DI. Highly recommended reading.
In Canada? Buy from Chapters



Having your Baby by Donor Insemination
A startling analysis of the practical, legal, and ethical problems infertile couples face in becoming parents
. Some say this is a great book, but then recommend also buying
Helping the Stork as it helps you discuss DI with your donor offspring so they don't become bitter...which was the author's experience.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility
An invaluable aid to couples facing infertility, this is the first book to fully detail the techniques of the groundbreaking Fertility Awareness Method.


Getting Pregnant
One of the most comprehensive books ever published on fertility--the problems, the perils, and the possibilities.


Choosing Assisted Reproduction

While providing basic medical information about high tech treatment, this book carefully details the social, psychological, and ethical considerations involved in assisted reproduction.

Check on your baby's development with this Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

Recommended Reading

The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby Conflicting news reports, jargon-speaking doctors, and a lack of candid information on the nitty-gritty facts on what will happen over the next nine months can get the best of any Mom-to-be. This book arms expectant mothers with all the facts needed for a healthy, happy experience.


What to Expect When You're Expecting
This traditional, popular guide to pregnancy covers every possible aspect of the prenatal period: pregnancy tests; choosing a caregiver; month-by-month fetal development; eating correctly; sex during pregnancy; common illness symptoms; and childbirth options, including cesarean section and pain medications.


What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding
This humorous, tongue-in-cheek guide for fathers-to-be discusses each month of pregnancy and features such sections as "What Your Wife Will Be Complaining About" and "What to Ask Your Wife to Show You Are Concerned."


Parenting Community
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Open Chat Anytime
DI Chat Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern time

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Recommended Reading

Let Me Explain
A child's DI origins may be difficult for a parent to discuss. How do you bring it up? What do you tell them? Well, this book will definately help! It is written as a story that you can read to your child at a young age. A must for any parent of a DI child.


Teach Me, I'm Yours Teach Me, I'm Yours - by Joan Bramsch Providing proven, educator-endorsed techniques for helping your child succeed in school - and in life.


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