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Dimitrov Racing Car #59 Bike #59

Well I am in again I can only seem to get into this thing once in a while but now that I am updates again (Mar 18/08). now done the 4th year as street div. champion in a row sometimes the force (Luck) is with you.In 2004 we became the IDRA champion in our 90 cavelier NOT fast but it is a good bracket car runs same time everytime.

IN 2005 we have went pro for the fun of it. We are running the Ford in street and we are running a 82 suzuki motor bike in pro fast and fun.NEW this bike has been upgated and will now stand staight up if you let it ups yes this did happen in Port Alberni. Now fast and furious.Port Alberni Yes more updates last year 1st in Street B (15 sec and slower, the year before won on the bike the year before that 3 rd in street.WOW.

Oh and last year the mini hauler came in pictures to follow soon. And in the next day or so you can log in as

Talk again soon if I can get back in.



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