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John De Witch's Home Page

Some Things I Like

My Favorite Web Sites

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy- This is an important article.

Power of Love - a page created by a friend of mine.
Comedy Central
The Coronation of King George the Chickenhearted
My Yahoo Photo Album - There's pics from our demonstration outside the Phoenix FBI HQ, the April 20 Peace Rally in Washington, D.C. and an album dedicated to the light of my life
To Visit My Home - ok, it's not really my home. I found it in an issue of Architectural Digest. I think it's in England somewhere but it's so cool.
My Poetry Page - A couple of my poems
Dedicated to My Younger Friends
To Dedicate a Candle
To Learn A Little About Wicca
My Herbal Grimoire - Info about herbs, cold remedies, etc.

When interacting with people, we have a choice - to love or to not love. Please choose love.