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Native American line Curly Horses ~ Eli Bad Warrior, Berndt, Hammrich, Warrior, NTS

Native American line Curly Horses (Eli Bad Warrior, Berndt ,Hammrich, NTS, Berthold)

NTS CURLY BEAR ABC P-2059 DOB: 5/17/1993 NTS Strikes His Enemy x NTS Pipestone Woman Flx Sorrel. Curly Bear is extreme, sheds her mane and tail. She was broke when 4years. She was surefooted, and athletic when she did ride. She has had very curly, mane and tailed offspring when bred to a stallion with mane and tail. DWM second mare donated by Jackie Richardson

VISION QUEST Vision Quest P-2196 is a Native American Curly from Standing Rock bloodlines. He is the son of NTS Otter Tail x Walk's Far Women (NTS lines). He sheds all of his mane in the summer and most of his tail. He has great endurance and a wonderful smooth ride. Most of all he is a really sweet guy. Has had one gaited foal stated by owner of foal. Owned by Jo Ann Hatlestad, OK

NTS STRIKES HIS EMENY Strikes His Enemy P-705(F). We call him "Friend". He is from Native American Bloodlines from the Standing Rock Reservation in S. D. Before joining our herd he was a working ranch horse and Sr. herd sire for Rare Breeds Ranch. He has produced all curly foals to date. We believe him to be a double dominate curly. Jo Hatlestad, OK

NTS RED HAWK ABC 2061 Sire- NTS Strikes His Enemy x Miss Fort Berthold Native Curly stallion standing in NV. Trainers were very impressed with Hawk as he was easy to train, very athletic and sweet. Trainer said he has perfect balance.

FROSTFIRE'S BIG MAC * FROSTFIRE`S BIG MAC ABC-651 [*Two Season`s(Hammerich from Berndt stock) X *Range mare] Original Native American bloodlines. Mac is a sorrel/chestnut 15.2H. This is one big boy & is as sweet as he is big. He also does the the Indian Shuffle. He has thrown mostly sorrel/chestnut foals.. Stud fee is $500.00 plus $5.00/day mare care. Glen Conley

NTS SUNDANCER ABC 1629 mare Sire- Strikes His Enemy x NTS Morning Star Woman (DWM first Curly, donated by David Patton previous owner, bought from Sturgis sale, NTS) Shown with Dennis in SD. Sundancer at Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, SD. To learn more about the Curlies going to Diamond Willow Ministries at Crow Creek Sioux Reservation go to-

MISS BERNDT WARRIOR Miss Berndt Warrior - ICHO 100, ABC 1326 (Pure Berndt line) (Kansas) Old Miss Berndt Warrior with foal.

NTS ROSEBUD ABC 2060 (NTS Otter Tail x Lakota Woman) In Canada

NTS RED SQUAW ABC 2150 6/30/94 (NTS Strikes His Enemy x NTS Pipestone Woman)

WW STORMY NIGHT ABC 2141 stallion 8/21/96 (NTS Otter Tail x Miss Fort Berthold) Sorrel Born at Pat Wilson's, OH

WW DAKOTA CINNAMON ABC 2112 6/4/96 (NTS Otter Tail x NTS Dancing Wolf) mare, sorrel/flaxen Born at Pat Wilson's, OH

WW JACOB MOON ABC 2110 5/10/96 Stallion (NTS Strikes His Enemy x NTS Pipestone Woman) sorrel/flaxen Born at Pat Wilsons, OH

LAKOTA WOMAN ABC 1286 5/23/90 (NTS Strikes His Enemy x NTS Hanna Red Woman) Pat Wilson, OH

DAKOTA GOLD ABC 2194 Born 1996 flaxen sorrel mare NTS Ottertail x Blue Thunder Woman owned by Melinda Martino, KY

MISS FORT BERTHOLD ABC 1022 *Curly Stud (Fort Berthold Indian Reservation) x *Curly mare (Fort Berthold Indian reservation) owned by Pat Wilson, Ohio

NTS DANCING WOLF ABC 1628 NTS Strikes His Enemy x NTS Pipestone Woman Owned by Pat Wilson, Ohio

Native Line Curlies ~

NT Morning Star Woman 708
NTS Grey Buffalo 707
NTS Hanna Red Woman 704
NTS Pipestone Woman 706 (Pat Wilson, OH)
NTS Strikes His Emeny 705 (Jo Hatlestad, OK)
NTS Buffalo Maid 1023
NTS High Horse 1030
NTS Otter Tail
Miss Fort Berthold 1022 (Pat Wilson, OH)
Medicine Filly 1024 (Berthold)
Buffalo Cow Woman 1026 (NTS)
Blue Thunder Woman 1029 (NTS)
Miss Berndt Warrior 1326 (Berndt) (Kansas)
Frostfire's Big Mac 651 (Berndt-gaited) (IN)
NTS Red Cloud 1500
NTS Rain Walker Woman 1501 (NTS) (Died 2002 West Nile, owned by McKenna's)
NTS Sundancer 1629 (IL)
NTS Dancing Wolf 1628
NTS Curly Bear 2059 (IA)
NTS Red Fox 2015
NTS Red Hawk 2061 (NV)
NTS Red Squaw NE 2150
NTS Rosebud 2060 (Canada- went blind)
NTS Sister Friend E 2051
NTS Swift Friend 2076
NTS Vision Quest 2196 (OK)
Sienna Cow Baby 2007 (NTS)
Lakota woman 1286 (NTS) (Pat Wilson, OH)
WW Jacob Moon 2110 (NTS)
WW Rising Stevie Sun 2111 (NTS)
WW Dakota Cinnamon 2112 (NTS)
WW Stormy Night 2131 (NTS/Berthold)
Dakota Gold 2194 (NTS)
BTR'S Tio 2349 (NTS)
BTR'S Ghucho 2350 (NTS)
NTS Crow Woman 1285
CC Rambunctious Warrior 2138 (NTS Ottertail x Medicine Filly [Berthold]) OK

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