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Past and Future

While short lived as a band, the Cupid Car Club have been making fierce imprints on the facet of the underground since the dawn of the last decade. And they continue to get under its often pale, dead skin and shake things up to the best of their abilities.


Do you remember the early 90s? I sure do. Nation of Ulysses were the New Kids on the Block for the pre-Sassy buyout generation. God bless America, er something. Learn more here and here


Do you remember the mid 90s? Kim Thompson provided "low end rumble" for this band on two seven inches and a full length. Find out more here


My poor mother grew up a member of the fogey episcapalion church. One day, a friend of hers invited her to a church where they handled snakes and spoke in tounges. When she asked her mom for permission, the response was no. Starting a lifetime of rebellion, she snuck out of the house and went to the snake handling spectacle anyway. I don't know if modernized suburban living still bears witness to the kind of hellfire shaking and reptile manipulation that my mom saw way back when, but for holy soul theatrics at least we had the Makeup. Find out about them here and here


Here's a shorter ancedote; a friend of mine returns to his dorm room downright giddy about scoring a copy of the new Skull Control record. After blasting it for a little over an hour, his roommate rolls his eyes and says, "Turn that OFF!" Get more here


James Canty is one of the many MANY members of the DC experiment All Scars. They have a site ici

Kim Thompson made some good noise in Getaway Car and Star Sign Scorpio (with Kathi Wilcox from Bikini Kill/the Frumpies). She's been a guest of Red Eye, a band mainly composed of Tim Green (NOU, the Champs, Lice, the Fakes) and Sharon Cheslow (the Electrolettes, Suture, Decomposition Records). Currently, she can be seen singing backup with Deep Lust and playing in a new band, Apehouse.

James Canty has also played with Ted Leo/Pharmacists, which according to spin magazine is an "up and coming" band. Blonde Redhead was mentioned as "up and coming" as well. I wonder what those kids will come up with!

Ian Svenonius put out a record under the moniker Dave Candy I believe. I haven't heard it but my roommate says there's a silly song on it about meeting and/or taking girls to the art museum.