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The Members


James Canty died yesterday in his Washington, DC home after apparently hanging himself from a ceiling rafter in the basement. Best known as a delinquent in the Cupid "Car Club," Canty was known to talk excitedly about such things as "Auto-Destruction," morse code sounds, jet plane noise. Parent-Teacher groups across the country celebrated his death with parties featuring cake and ice cream.


Steve Gamboa died yesterday in a Washington, DC hotel room after an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Best known as a member of the Cupid "Car Club," Steve also theorized on Aerial Theatre, Skulking, New Poetry, and Pure forms heard to say, "I want to be both in Vienna and Calcutta, to take all the trains and all the boats, I am all things, all mankind, and all animals."

bass, vocals

Kim Thompson was found dead in her parent's Washington, DC home yesterday after a massive dose of Secenol and Gardenal. Thompson was most infamous as a member of the Cupid "Car Club" and to authorities as an illegal fireworks distributor, whose "Mercury Collection" featured top of the line Ash-Cans, M-80's, Bottle Rockets, Sparklers, and spinners, all marked with the exclusive boast "made in Maryland." Thompson advocated "Orgiastic-Maybe lethal-celebration of subversion...C'mon" Her tragic death was mourned by alienated survivors, though her death-note taunted in bubble letters, "I'm off to better things you pathetic squares." Authorities site the "Cupid Car Club" as responsible with charges pending.


Ian Svenonius died after apparently slashing his wrists in a friends bathroom. Suspected of being a werewolf, Svenonius was best known for his preacher style sermonizing with various affiliated "social clubs"; the M.P. Skulkers, Carbonas, and the especially notorious Cupid "Car Club." The wrist slashing punctuated an obsession with a late night underworld peopled entirely by drinamyl fueled boys and girls who would, he claimed, "Dig a grave big enough to dump the wretched legacy of a life squandered on the idiotic principles of the living world and climb into the car club coffin." Svenonius advocated young, romantic suicide marketed as a sort of new TEEN CRAZE for the purposes of "empowerment" and claimed his "car club ephemeral.....eternally." "We start from the finish line," "JOIN OUR CLUB!"

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