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Phil Judd

Philip Raymond Judd was studying fine arts at Auckland University when he met Tim Finn, and together they started Split Enz in 1972. Phil recorded the Mental Notes and Second Thoughts albums with them, which included songs like "Titus", "Matinee Idyll (129)", "Sweet Dreams", "Maybe", "Late Last Night", and "Mental Notes". Phil left the band in 1977 but rejoined for a brief period, writing some songs for the Dizrythmiaalbum such as "Time For A Change" and "Sugar And Spice".

Phil spent some time as an assistant photographer in a gallery in Auckland. He joined The Enemy in 1978 and later joined the Suburban Reptiles after producing a single of theirs on which he popped in as a session musician. With Buster Stiggs and Bones Hillman, they moved away from the Reptiles' punk style to a more pop-type sound and reformed as the Swingers in 1979. Phil remained in the Swingers until their breakup in 1982.

Phil recorded a solo album in 1983 called Private Lives which included "Dreamin' Away". After this he took a hiatus from recording until 1986 whenhe formed Schnell Fenster with Noel Crombie and Nigel Griggs (ex-Split Enz) and Michael Den Elzen. They had two albums, The Sound Of Trees and Ok Alright A Huh Oh Yeah. Phil also had a hand in Noel's Cowards in 1988. Schnell Fenster disbanded in 1992.

Phil has spent his time since with his other artistic pursuits especially painting and composing film scores.

Phil's painting "The Egg" is on display at Hobson's Choice Foods, a cafe in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

Here is a picture of Phil from the site.

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