*Cosmic Moon Power Updates*
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02/24/01~ Okay a bit of spring cleaning was put to action! LOL! Though I do plan to do more work soon! I've been playing with the page layouts and some have changed...my big project will be changing the Main page, so if any of you have any ideas or a layout that might work please contact me! Thanx mucho! Much Luv! ;)

08/17/00~ Well I cleaned the links section! The problem now is we only have six links! *yeech* So if you know a good site or would like your site added, please contact me, k? I'd like to only have sites with small buttons though, but ya know whatever! =)

08/16/00~ We've finally updated...some! lol! Okay atleast I did a lil' right? I also have three other pages ya know! *winks* Anyways, I've changed the entrance (if ya haven't noticed ;) and the layouts for the picture and character profiles sections, in time and thanks to a lil' help from Shannon those pages may actually be more than layouts! *blushes*

06/10/00~ WE MADE IT TO 1000 VISITORS! WAHOO! Okay I'm going on vacation to visit my friends in Cali the 13th til the 28th so nothing will probably get done! I posted a mailing list I hope everyone will sign up for and tell their friends about! =) Much luv and Peace! Have a kicki summer full of fun, sun, and surf!

06/02/00~ *ALMOST TO 1000 VISITORS!* I did sooooo much today! Well, considering I really haven't done anything lately! lol! Okay so here goes: I finally made the horoscope page! I changed the poll, so go vote now! Lastley I finally posted those two awards I got back in Feb. I think I'm also going to start a mailing list to mail updates to people, it would make everything much easier that way and would keep people coming back for more! I'm also going to join one of those SM mailing lists, so I can get more of what I need for the page...I may start a gossip section, but for now it's just an idea. I really need the following things from you guys: 1)Fanfic!!! 2) No one's solved the Mystery and there will be a prize for whoeber does! 3) I haven't recived any created scouts! Come on guys! I do this for you! Sorry I've been so busy lately, but I now am working on two other pages: Cute-E-Pie and LHS International Thespian Society Troupe 287 but it's finally summer and my goal is to get all three pages done!

02/15/00~ New award!!! Thanks Sailor Love Club!!! I also updated the clubs section, it's been lookin' RUFF! *giggles*

02/13/00~ Valentine's stuff will be up tonight! We also won a new award! Thank you Krystl*e *smiles* Okay now on to long term porjects! I'm hoping *crosses fingers* to have everything running in the Fun Stuff section by the end of the month! Sooner or later (at this rate later) I will have character profiles and the picture gallery up! I'll keep working! *UGH* heehee! Oh and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, PLEASE e-mail me, I'll be sure to write you back!

02/11/00~ Fanfics by Me are up! YEPPIE! I also posted the winners of some our awards. Oh and Valentines stuff will be up soonish!!

01/02/00~ The "Fun Stuff" Section is up, and most of the pages are running! WAHOO! This is probably the most work I've done in a while! *giggles* N E ways I fixed errors in most of the pages, and added a few new ones! (pages that is, not errors, atleast I hope not! =) There's still a few things that need to be done, but all in all Cosmic Moon Power is almost up!

01/01/00~ The main design has FINALLY been changed! YEPPIE! So what do you think? I also added a brand new counter, cause the other one sucked! Let's see what else? Oh,the "Fun Stuff" section will be up soon! With a brand new look, and new things to do!

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