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One Thousand years ago the solar system was at peace. The Moon Kingdom was the most peaceful place of all. The ruler of the Moon Kingdom was wise, gentle, and powerful. Her name was Queen Serenity. Her mission was to protect the planet Earth from evil and lead Her people on the path of good. The queen was also the keeper of the Imperium Silver Crystal. The crystal was the strongest power in the entire universe!

One year the kind queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The child was named Serenity (Serena in NA version). As the girl grew, so did her power. Serena was kind and wise like her mother. The queen loved her daughter dearly, as did many people, including Serena's guards/best friends.

The "guards" were actually princesses of the inner planets (except Earth, they had a son, so Jupiter's princess took Earth's place.) These princesses were not just any princess though, they were also the legendary Sailor Senshi/Scouts (senshi = soldiers.) They inner planets guarded the Moon Kingdom and Serena, while the outer planet's princesses (the Outer Senshi) protected the entire Solar System.

Princess Serenity was very happy on the Moon, but longed to go to Earth, so she would slip out of her palace to visit. During one visit she met Prince Endymion of Earth (Darien in NA version). They fell deeply in love, for they were soul mates. Unfortunately, the Inner Scouts feared that Serena’s heart would be broken, for she would have to rule her kingdom one day, and she would probably never be able to see Endymion again. Queen Serenity also feared their affair would end sadly.

During that same year the sun was very active, that activity delivered the destruction of the Silver Millennium. The Evil One went to Earth and tried to take control. It stole into the hearts of the humans, using their envy for the Moon people’s long life span. Controlling the Earth’s people, It (and Queen Beryl) attacked the Moon. Only Endymion never bent his will and until the end, he tried to reason with his people, but it was too late and he was killed protecting Princess Serenity. In sorrow she committed suicide (in Anime version Endymion and she are killed together by the nega-verse.)

Queen Serenity finally managed to seal the ‘Evil One’ (Queen Metalia) away, but the Moon Kingdom was destroyed, along with Her people. The Queen sent everyone to Earth to be reborn. Even though the Earth Kingdom had been destroyed too, mankind had begun anew in development. Using her last bit of power the Queen also sent Luna and Artemis (her cat advisers) to earth too. And in the event the Evil One was revived, Luna and Artemis would know what to do…

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon are Copyright© by Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, Kodansha, Toei Animation, etc., since 1992. The design was created by Anna, but you can find it at Free Sailor Moon Graphics Society.