Mystery Mansion
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Sailor Moon Mysterys

"MOON TIARA MAGIC!" Sailor Moon's taria sped towards the monster, tearing him in two then to dust. "YEPPIE!" Sailor Moon howled!

"Well done Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask jumped down from the rafters.

"Yeah Serena, you got us lost in this spooky old mansion!" Mars spat.

"Actually I think the mansion could be educational." Mercury smiled. *Sweat drop*

"Let's just get out of here." Venus began walking down a long corridor.

"OUCH! What the heck...a safe?" Jupiter bent down towards an old safe and zapped the lock off. "Hey guys! Look at these!"


Case #: 001 Case Type: Missing Person

Missing Person: Melvin Mason
Last seen with: Sweetie (house cat)
  • Molly (Cook) Mason (wife)
  • Lita Kino (chef)
  • Mina Aino (boss)
  • Amy Anderson (doctor)
  • Raye Tracy (ex-girlfriend)
  • Serena Freeman (maid)
  • Darien Rock (friend)
  • Andrew Roma (wife's ex-boyfriend)
  • *~*~*~*~*~*

    Melvin Mason was your average guy. He was a lawyer at a large firm, but was starting at the bottom. He was married to Molly Cook. She was a bookkeeper for the local high school. Their marriage seemed fine, but actually it was far from it.

    Molly had much jealousy for Melvin's last girlfriend, Raye Tracy. Raye was a constant bother. She insisted that Melvin was still in love with her. Melvin on the other hand didn't much like Andrew Roma, his wife's ex-boyfriend. Andrew still lived in town, now a broken man, but still madly in love with Molly. He called on 'their' anniversary, send flowers almost every Saturday (the day of the week they met,) and would NOT stop calling.

    About August 5th, Melvin starting having serious problems and by August 12th he was gone. Melvin attended a board meeting that day (the 5th)…

    "I think the State vs. Milford is a high profile case. It should go to someone who can be trusted, Darien Rock, you're on it." Mina handed him the thick folder before he could respond.

    "Next case…State vs. Aino and Aino?!?!? That can't be right! We are getting sued? For what? I need someone on this case ASAP!" Mina barked. "Ms. Aino, I could take the case." Melvin said meekly.

    "You!? Hmm…" Mina smirked, *He's like a sheep, I could make him do anything. "Okay you've got it…um…er…"

    "Melvin." Melvin gave a lopsided grin and took the folder from Mina.

    Melvin began to stay at work late. Not coming home until' 12am and leaving for work again at about 4:30 am. He became quite and distant. The 9th of August Melvin realized something he wasn't suppose to know…his firm was working for the Mafia. He then decided to bug Ms. Aino's office and the restroom down the hall. Meanwhile, his wife, Molly, began an affair with Andrew again. Melvin soon learned of this too, so he decided to leave Molly, but she found out his scheme and refused to let him. She said he forced her to Andrew, and he began to believe. He left the house, and took his money, but he left a large sum of money in his will to Molly. Molly was thrilled. So was Andrew. With that much money, he could start his life over again. Melvin moved in to a small mansion and took his maid, Serena Freeman, his cat, Sweetie, and his chef, Lita Kino. Serena was a bit of a snoop, but to our knowledge knew nothing of the Mafia scandal run by Ms. Aino. Serena began seeing Mr. Darien Rock, a friend of Melvin's from the firm. They were soon engaged. Lita on the other hand also worked for Ms. Aino and is believed to have been the leading lady of the head Cusano Family, the people Ms. Aino was working for. During the last three days Melvin was around, he learned that Ms. Aino had found his bugs and had traced the fingerprints back to him. The day before his disappearance he was called to Ms. Aino's office. There he found the firm doctor, Dr. Amy Anderson and Ms. Aino talking. Ms. Aino insisted that Melvin hadn't received a new vaccine and Dr. Anderson strapped him down and something was injected into him. The night of his disappearance we know that Raye Tracy was present. They had an argument. She insisted that if she couldn't have him, no one could. Then she left. The next morning two bodies were found that of Ms. Serena Freeman and Mr. Darien Rock. Melvin has not been seen since.

    Okay super detectives, do you know you killed Serena and Darien and what REALLY happened to Melvin???? If so, or if you just want to take a wild guess, please e-mail me! I'll be giving prizes for the most creative and right answers. I'll also be posting them, so check back soon! A new case will be up as soon as this one gets solved.