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Lesson:  Man's Impossibility, God's Possibility
1.  LUKE 18:27  The things which are impossible with men are possible 
                with God
    A.  Many times people will say something is "impossible"
    B.  If you believe you can do something in the natural, it can be
        done  (The achievements of the Wright Brothers, lunar landing, etc)
    C.  You achieve things in life through a natural human faith because 
        you believe you could do it  (Believing in yourself)
    D.  There are many things that are impossible to you even though you
        believe in yourself  (Man cannot save himself, heal himself from
        incurable diseases, save this planet, etc)
    E.  People in the Bible faced impossible situations and could not
        overcome them except for the intervention of God who could perform
        the impossible
        - Abraham & Sarah having a child in their old age
        - Moses at the Red Sea
        - The walls of Jericho
2.  MATTHEW 17:20  If you have faith ... nothing shall be impossible to you
    A.  Impossibilities become possibilities through your faith - MARK 9:23
    B.  There is nothing impossible with God  (LUKE 18:27)
    C.  All impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations
        of our unbelief
    D.  Faith Defined: - An unquestionable trust in God
                       - An unquestionable belief in the things of God
    E.  People will say, "Now I have faith and I believe with all my heart,
        but, I have a question ... "  (Their question proves they do not
        believe or they would not have asked the question)
    F.  We do not want people to think we do not believe
    G.  It is not a sin to "not believe" when we do not understand
    H.  You cannot believe beyond your actual knowledge of the Word of God
    I.  Faith comes by hearing God's Word - ROM 10:17
    J.  Jesus said a number of times, ... he that hath an ear let him hear
         - You have to hear it with your spirit - MATT 13:10-17
         - People can know it in their mind but not understand in their
    I.  A lack of knowledge of God's Word is what defeats us - HOSEA 4:6
    J.  David fighting the giant is an example of one overcoming an
        impossible situation through HIS FAITH in God - 1 SAMUEL 17:1-54
        - Saul said to David, Thou are not able (an impossibility) -vs 33
        - David believed God would deliver him just as he did against the
          lion and the bear - 1 SAM 17:32-37
        - David's faith in his God to deliver him was evidenced by what he
          said (confession of faith) - 1 SAM 17:37, 45-47; HEB 10:23
3.  What is Possibility Faith ?   - MARK 11:23
    A.  It is believing what you say will come to pass
    B.  Possibility Faith is the God-Kind of faith where you speak and
        it happens
    C.  Genesis Chapter 1 is an example of the God-Kind of Faith (or the
        Faith of God) in action, ... and God said ... and it was so ...
    D.  The spiritual principle is, YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU SAY 
    E.  Things to remember:
        - Your confession has to be based on the Word of God and you 
          believe it in your heart (Possibility Faith quotes the Word)
        - Do not push people into making faith confessions when they do 
          not really believe it in their heart
        - If people are not ready to make confessions of faith, keep 
          feeding them the Word
        - Do not get discouraged if people do not take advantage of God's
     F.  Once you make your confession of faith then STAND YOUR GROUND !
         - EPH 6:10-11, 13-14
     G.  Two Forms of Faith:
         - Real Bible Faith   :  Possibility Faith      (ROMANS 4:17-21)
         - Natural Human Faith:  Impossibility Faith    (JOHN 20:24-29)
4.  Closing Comments
    A.  Four Lessons to Learn:
        - You have Possibility Faith
        - Possibility Faith is measurable and can grow
        - It is not of the head but of the heart
        - When will Possibility Faith work for others
    B.  Possibility Faith will always work for you and sometimes it will
        work for others
    C.  It can work for others if they are a babe in Christ, but after
        awhile, God expects them to act on their own faith and your faith
        will no longer work for them  (They have to grow up spiritually)
    D.  How we can work with somebody else:
        - Locate them:  Find out where they are at faith wise
        - Your faith will work for true bona fide baby Christians
        - Get the Word into them to build them up enough to a place
          where you can agree
    E.  Start looking at those seemly impossible situations as 
        possibilities based on your faith in God's Word


Written by: Craig R. Cordle


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