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Rules and Guidelines
WARNING: failure to follow the rules of the board will result in suspention or banishment.
  1. Obscene language or behavior will not be tolerated. We may have minors on board.
  2. Do not insult, aggravate, or harrass other members.
  3. Do not take over other member's characters without their permission.
  4. Keep your storylines in control so they don't end up hurting the other members.
  5. Before giving your character any sort of special powers, you must first get permission to do so.
  6. Leave your bad days and bad moods off this board. Players come here to wind down, relax, and have fun.
  7. All new characters must be registered! (except for a random character here and there. However if that character appears more than once, please register them.)
  8. No immortal cats - with the only exception being the Everlasting Cat.

WARNING: failure to follow the guidelines of the board will result in consideration of suspension. Failure to follow the guidelines in your first week of play will be excused.
  1. It is suggested that you play only one character. However if you are skilled enough to handle more (up to 5), you are welcome to do so (after registering them of course!) unless the other members have a problem with it. Playing an occasional random character here and there in addition to your primary is allowed, but if the character is played more then once or twice, please register them, and after you are finished using the character......let us know.
  2. Please keep the combat to a minimum. More than about four per week starts to become annoying to most players.
  3. Please be realistic! Example: Don't have your character fall 30 feet on their head and still live!
  4. Remember: you as a player may know things that your character doesn't. So keep that in mind when you play.
  5. Please do not claim to be related to another character without that player's permission.
  6. In order to keep the power levels down, please do not assign more than 2 special powers or magical abilities to your character.
  7. We will allow only a few spirits or the like on our board. Spirits are not to interfere with battles or such. They show up only occasionally to give advice. The Everlasting Cat will make a rare appearance and is not inclined to interfere in many lives unless he deems it neccessary. Only he who is designated to play the EC may play him.
  8. We want this board to remain as realistic as we can be for cats. Therefore, we need to mention that we do not allow weapons being used for fighting.
  9. No autohitting... ex: *Minstrel slices open Macavity* (this is bad) ----> *Minstrel attempts to slice open Macavity* (this is good, it allows the target to respond) Also be aware that your cat CAN be hurt. If you play so that your cat "wins" all the time, it can be a bit tiresome to RP with that character after awhile.
  10. No ultrapowerful characters. This means they can not do anything and/or everything at once. They can not be in multiple places at once.
  11. For new players, we recommend reading Basics of Role Play

Originally created by Bombalurina; edited by Chung Chungy and Similyn

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