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Character Registration


NOTE: It is strongly suggested that you play only one character. However if you are skilled enough to handle two or more, you are welcome to do so (after registering them of course!) unless the other members have a problem with it. An occasional random character can make an appearance without registration. However, if he/she/it appears more than once please register.

If you are a new member, please check the Character Lists to make sure you don't use a character that is already taken! Don't use another character's name and just add a number to it. This will make things too confusing. The same goes for names that look and sound alike. If we think the name will be confused with another, we will ask you to change it. From now on, anyone wishing to use a name from the show, must play the character as if from the show. Otherwise, no one would be able to RP the original character.

Before deciding on what your cat looks like, please take time to look through our available cats pictures and include the name and description of the picture on your registration. (*note~ The pics with cats names on them are reserved for those characters. Please don't choose one unless you want to play that character.) Or, you can send us a url or copy of a pic you've found elsewhere. This way, we can add your pic to the Gallery. :o) Please fill out the following form and send it to us. Thank you!

Please note that this RPG is nearly 4 years old. Many relationships have been established already. And the cats that were kittens in the show are now adults. Thank you.

Your Name:


Can we include your e-mail addy for this character on the character lists? Yes No
(If you chose no, please put your e-mail anyway so we can reach you if need be.)

This character is to be listed on: (i.e.~evil cats are listed on the Lair list)
The Junkyard The Lair

Character's Name:
Do not request names that are too much like another name. The name will be rejected. Thank you.

Gender: Queen Tom

Age: Age Chart (Or if you wish, give a birthdate i.e.~4/28/98)
Please note that if your character is under 8 months of age, the registration will not be accepted unless there is a mother cat registered to take care of the kitten until it is able to live on it's own.

(ex: sister of joe shmoe; get other player's permission first)

Physical Description:
(Include name or url of pic ~ If no url is given, no pic will be put up.)

Special Powers/Magic:
(suggested only 1 per character. Please visit the Magic Chart to see what powers you can have.

Any other information on your character: (Past histories with current characters must be approved by those characters.)


*If you're new here,we'd appreciate it if you take the time to fill out the following questionaire. (Optional)

How did you find our board?

How old are you?

When is your birthday?

Have you RP'd before? If so, will you list past RPing?

Do you have Aol Instant Messenger or ICQ? If so, are you willing to share?


After sending, please take time to read the Rules & Guidelines. Then you can start playing. NOTE: Please do not use any special powers or magic until they are approved by e-mail.

Originally made by Bombalurina; edited by Chung Chungy and Similyn

The Jellicle Junkyard