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The Lair Character List
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Character NameGenderAgeRelationsDescriptionSpecial Powers/MagicOther
Alcatraz tom 4
Large cat with short dark grey fur and golden eyes. Has many scars. Camouflage Lived on the street as a kitten, then began to work for Macavity. Doesn't remember his parents or any of his siblings.
Aramond tom 17 Caretaker of Dominate Sphinx cat, no hair, unusually large paws and ears, skin a pale grey
Hired by Lilith to care for Dominate as a kitten. Well trained in Oriental healing arts and sciences.
Daien tom 2 A member of the gang of cats known as 'Renegade' along with Semura and Imurai. A pure black tom with gentle though striking green eyes and a relativly average build as far as toms go. Dream Jumping, Empathic, Hypnotise, Wall Of Fog The mental manipulator of Renegade. His attitude is relatively calm and still matching his voice. Using his cornocopia of manipulative and mind boggling powers he has made sure to never get caught unless his own choice.
Darius tom 5 Father of Dominate, brother of (the late) Dalmathus Grey Persian average build Magic Phase Once controlled a considerably-sized criminal organization, but it has weakened in his absence; recently traveled to the Orient on a financial expedition; has vendettas against both the Junkyard cats and Macavity over the death of his brother; at time of registration, is unaware that Dominate is his daughter
Dart tom 3 None Small grey stiped tabby with white patches on chest and paws. Almost looks starved...still has a kittenish face Speed Trained for a little while as a kitten in Paladyr's "school". Now works as a messenger or courier. Works with Slade from time-to-time.
Dominate queen Born 1/18/2001 Daughter of Darius and Lilith, Great-grandaughter of original Macavity Red and white Regeneration, Stare Born in Iraq, moved to Afganistan, has a few powerful associates in terorist groups. Decided after Sept 11 to find mother's "Collar of Speech"
Duskentreader queen 1 None known Light brown
An orphan who was born on a back stoop and partially raised raised by a kindly, but elderly gardner in the back of his caretaker's cottage in Glastonbury, she's made her way around as a traveler, goin from place to place until she a year old.
Fett tom 4 None Large Russian blue w/black stripe running across his eyes and down to his nose
Darius's first lieutenant; worked as a guard (spy) in both Macavity's and Paladyr's lairs at one time or another; some unknown event or chain of events in his past has left him utterly devoid of emotion: he cannot feel pity, compassion, or love (though he cannot feel anger, either){this makes him immune to emotion-affecting magic}
Godiva queen 9
Long hair cream with black face Identify Had been sold into Hades's service...primarily works in the cafeteria or other "menial" positions. Well educated. Tries to give encouragement to promising young cats concerning their magic..without anyone realizing she is doing it.
Juniper tom 6 months Brother to Ditto Orange with black and grey stripes and green eyes with a black nose.
Liora queen 5 Daughter of William Grey and cream light beam, fade
She is the ex-mate of Soren Troi. Soren and William thought her dead. Only William and Liora know of their relation.
Lucky tom 4 Unknown Long, lean cat w/ very short dusty brown fur & light brown eyes, which tend to sparkle with mischief. Amazing luck! Train by Paladyr after being found on the streets as a very young kitten. Has lived in the Lair most of his life. Doesn't take much seriously. Only respects 3 cats: Macavity (AKA "Boss"), Godiva, and Terossa (AKA "Princess")
Lustick queen 12 None Red Still working on it Lustick is a sly cat who likes getting into trouble. She's constently looking for a soulmate but doesn't get along with just anyone. She has been hurt by many different cats which makes it hard for her to trust others.
Macavity tom year younger then Nick brother of Nick-Ko-Las; father of Nephthys, Reubus, & Terossa ginger; tall, thin; eyes sunken in; head slightly domed; coat dusty, whiskers uncombed hypnotizing, levitation, telekinesis teleport called "Hidden Paw"; alpha of own tribe
Morla queen 4 Kind of Lustick's evil step mother (took her when Lustick's father died) Smokey brown, dull red patches
She was enemies with Lustick's father, and when he died, she took Lustick captive. She has no mercy and is, well, evil.
Natasha queen 4
Russian Blue resist magic
History, she can hypnotize, though without the use of magic.
Nepenthe queen 5 Possible relations to Baron TBA TBA Not much is known of Nepenthe. Keeps to herself more or less.
Nephthys queen
born 11/15/99
daughter of Macavity & Nebula; [Drats, forgot siblings' names, but there is a Mayat .. ] brown longhaired hypnotize Working for Macavity on own ship Pretender
Paladyr tom 5 half-brother of the late Piebald; brother of Orestes long-hair cream & brn Himalayan; ice-blue eyes ice ray, ice shield, Macavity's second-in-command; alpha of own tribe
Safara queen 1
black, with white markings on face, paws, tail and chest; brown eyes
Sarafina queen 11 mother of Jemima and Scarlett; ex-mate of Jaramis; Anita's aunt mixture of red and brown fur with white on all four paws Slick Neither Scarlett nor Jemima know anything about her existence.
Savanah queen 3
Short white and cream fur, dark green eyes. She has a long scar on her neck
Used to live with humans until they grew tired of her and abandoned her. She then began to work for Macavity. She hates humans and prefers solitude.
Satina queen 1
very pretty queen, elegant looking
can be a bit bitchy at times, but does treat cats civilly the majority of the time, was abandoned as a kitten and grew up on the streets, has heard about Macavity and wants to work for him.
Scarlett queen 4 daughter of Sarafina and Jaramis; identical twin of Jemima; Anita's cousin flirtatious greyish-brown queen. Opposite Jemima's personality. hypnotizing Wherever she is, there's trouble. All relationships with Jemima and Anita are unknown. Scarlett was abandoned by her mother when she was a kitten, and has no memories of her family. She wandered into the lair and found refugee there.
Scraps tom 3 None Scrawny, mange-ridden shorthair Camouflage Darius's lieutenant; spied on the Junkyard for some time, but was discovered and fled
Shady tom 8 worker of Paladyr blk w/ silver streaks Stare, Static evil
Shatora queen 1
fairly good looking for a cat whos been places. She's orange with white high lights
She is devious and will do most anything to get her way. She tends to stand out in the crowd.
Shetan tom 8 None completely black Levitation, Shadowing He has a mysterious past.
Slade tom 2 None Black and white w/strange hints of dark green. Piercing amber eyes. A white line traces from nose up his head down his neck. White splotch on his right side. Healing, Roar A tom that has lived all his life in seclusion. Everywhere he has been he has been rejected and shunned. Feels no matter what he tries no one will love him
Valentina queen 1 none Valentina is a calico queen.
Valentina is new in this place and just wants to be shown the ropes by a helpful friend. She's got a spicy attitude and loves having fun
Venus queen 6 Ex-lover of the late Mysty, cousin of Amazon (though she denies it) Grey tabby with black stripes; light green eyes. Beguile, Camouflage One of Mysty's unknown lovers before his death. Venus is often seen with Shady. She had no family as a kitten and learned to fend for herself quickly. She is quick to judge others and doesn't like to be around cats, except for a select few. Venus has a harsh attitude and raspy voice and she won't tolerate anything.

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