This is a fun game to see how much your fellow classmates in how they changed though out the years. Given is somethng crazy that a person did and you have to guess who did it.

Right now only clues will be given. Once there are enough clues alumni names will be listed so it will be easier to attempt each guess.

I lived in the desert for awhile and actually searched and dugged for real gold. What was so nice about that was it was finders keepers. I did quite well one year.

On Fridy April 13, 1982 and during a full moon while walking home from work one evening, I was held up on a Pittsburgh bridge by two teenagers. Though at the time I wasn't really that nervous at all, I still never want to go through that again because I know this time I would really freak out. The teenages did not get anything from me. They were picked up minutes later as they were walking of the bridge in downtown Pittsburgh.

Then June 6, 2007 as I was walking home from work around 4 p.m. A guy was insisting that I stop and talked to him. When I didn't, he told me what he wanted to say. Making a long story short, he aplogized for being one of the two kids who held me up on the bridge that 1982 night.