How well do you "really" remember your classmates????

As the years go by we tend to forget the people we sat next to for 12 years. Here is a fun and simple test to see how well you really remember your classmates!!!!!

1. What two non-related female students had the exact same last name with the exception of one letter?
2. What to related female students had the exact same name with the exception of one letter?
3. How many sets of twins did our class have?
4. Name all of the students related or non-related who shared the same last name.
Example Nesto = Mark and George
Hint: there are 16 in last names in all
5. Who was the President and Vice President of Beth-Centerís Class of 79?
6. What was the high schoolís newspaper called?
7. Where was our senior banquet held?
8. Who was the principal and vice principal of the senior high school in 1979?
9. What song did we vote to be our class song?
10. What date and day did we graduated?
11. Who was our senior class sponser?
12. Who were the dueling banjo players?
13. What student has the most biological children -their own, non - adoptive or step chidren?
14 Within our class, who married who?
15. How many snow days did we have in our senior year?
16. What was the name of our year book?
17. Who was the Homecoming Queen from our class?
18. Who is the Secretary to the Ambassador of Turkey?

Click here for the answers!!!