I will be the first one to admit it - I cannot draw a straight line with a rule nor can I cut a piece of paper evenly. I take NO credit for making any of these gifs, jpgs, bitmaps, backgrounds, etc.

All graphics that I have used on my website were files taken from large graphics sites or search engines on the internet. While these have been transloaded in good faith to be in the public domain, it's impossible to determine whether the site from which they were downloaded was itself not displaying a copyright and was also unaware of one.

If I have chosen a graphic file and it is copyrighted and I am unaware of it, I would have no control over this. If any graphic here is copyrighted please inform me and I will gladly give you proper credit or have it removed.

Also this website is a personal website that I have only done for fun. No money has been made from it nor will any money be made from it in the future. Thanks

I would like to thank everybody at Angelfire and Bravenet for all of their support. Also, a big thank you go out to all the great artists in cyber space who are sharing their talents with the world.

Also, I would like to thank everybody who has visited my site. Thanks!!