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   Several Topics have been put forth and are open to discussion. I have set forth my views and invite you to respond with yours. On each topic I have included URL links to sites that can provide imformation and resources for help. If you would like to provide a new link to an informative or resource site ; please do so. If you would like to propose a new topic of social interest, please email it to me with a discussion text. Our aim is to provide a service to people and raise social awareness on matters of personal, family and social concern.

What's Your Response?


Topics For Your Response

  • Abortion Choices
  • Alcohol and Society
  • Bullies Need Taming
  • Crack - Article
  • Drugs are a Scourge
  • Guns and Controll
  • Pornography Insights
  • Pornography and the Net
  • Recycling Our Wastes
  • Truancy and Effects
  • Violence on the Rise
  • Off the Cuff Thoughts
  • Response Form
  • Reasons to Believe

  • Riase Up a Nation Site-Ring

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