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MICHAEL DELANEY, son of MICHAEL DELANEY and ELIZABETH BRENAN, came from Kilkenny, Ireland in 1835 as a convict and settled in the Yass area. His master was Henry O'Brien, who was one of the pioneers of the Yass area, and it was quite possibly on the property "Douro", owned by Henry O'Brien, that our Michael Delaney worked when he first came to this country.Michael was a farm labourer in his home country of Ireland and in later years farmed his own land in the Wargeila area of NSW.
Michael married Ellen COLLINS in 1842 at Bogolong, who died after giving birth to Mary Ann, who was born 31st August, 1843.

Mary Ann Delaney

MARY ANN DELANEY married JAMES BOYD, who came from Wicklow, Ireland. They were married 11th October, 1862 and had one son, JAMES, born 8th August, 1864.

We do not know what eventuated in the marriage after that, but it is evident that Mary Ann formed a relationship with JAMES HENDRY, who was the son of John Hendry and Ellen McGinley, and who was born 26th December, 1844 at Narrawa NSW.
They had the following issue:

  1. MICHAEL HENDRY, born 1867, married ELIZABETH CUMMINS.
  2. JOHN HENDRY, born 1869 married ELIZABETH NICHOLAS in 1899
  3. ELLEN HENDRY, born 1872 died in childhood.
  4. MARY ANN HENDRY, born 1874 married JOHN JONES in 1895
  5. ELIZABETH HENDRY, born 1876 married JOHN GAVAN in 1897
  6. CATHERINE HENDRY, born 1878 married ROBERT KELLY in 1898
  7. ANNIE HENDRY, born 1880 married HENRY KEYS in 1900
  8. THOMAS HENDRY aka POWELL, born 1882 married RUBY FISHER 1915

Deviate here to view a photograph of MICHAEL & MARY ANN HENDRY
Or here, to view a photograph of MICHAEL HENDRY
Or here to view a photograph of ELIZABETH CUMMINS

JAMES HENDRY made a courageous move, at age 54...he married for the first time! His bride was ADELINE WEAVERS, who was 22 years of age at the time of the marriage. They were wed at Burwood, near Binda, NSW on 13th February, 1899 and had two sons, JAMES MITCHELL HENDRY born 1900, and WILLIAM HENDRY who was born in 1902 and died the same year.

Adeline's death was registered in 1913 at Tuena, NSW and James Hendry died 28th June, 1932 in the Crookwell hospital and was buried at Crookwell, NSW.

James and Adeline's eldest son, James Mitchell Hendry, married Edythe Williams in 1934.


Their issue:

Check in here to view a photograph of JOHN & AMY HENDRY.

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