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We are grateful for the legacy of family history that the late Thomas William Cooper, son of Thomas and Annie, left us in his family history book, and most of the following information is gleaned from Bill's writings and research on the Cooper family. Special thanks also to our daughter, Glenis, who scanned the photographs used on this page. Our story opens with the marriage of Thomas Shipley COOPER (Jnr) to Annie Louise UPTON, at the "No Mistake" gold mining area just west of Parkes, NSW., where they were married on 26th January, 1892.

Thomas was born in Tuena, NSW in 1864, the son of Thomas Shipley Cooper and Ellinor Taylor, the daughter of James Taylor and Ann Robinson. Ellinor was born c1825 at the Dairy House on the Tyne, England, whilst Thomas (Snr) was born c1825 at Howdon, Northumberland, England, the son of William Cooper and Eleanor Shipley: he and Ellinor Taylor were married in 1850 at Newcastle on the Tyne, England.

Thomas and Ellinor had come to Adelaide, SA, in 1852 on the "Queen of the Waves" and eventually found their way to Parkes where they and their son Thomas operated in the mining field.

Issue of Thomas Cooper and Ellinor Taylor
  1. ELLINOR COOPER d. 1896 Parkes
  2. WILLIAM C COOPER b. 1856 Bathurst m. Susan ROSS
  3. JAMES HENRY COOPER b.1860 Bathurst m. Jane LANGHAM
  4. MARY JANE COOPER b. 1863 Tuena m. Edward BULLOCK
  5. THOMAS SHIPLEY COOPER b. 1864 Tuena. m. Annie Louisa UPTON
  6. GEORGINA J COOPER b1867 King's Plains James JELBART
  7. ISABEL FOSTER COOPER b.c1869 NSW d 1887 Parkes
  8. ROBERT J COOPER b. 1873 Grenfell d. 1943 Parkes
  9. LILLIAN GRACE COOPER b. 1875 Parkes m. John Abraham CORCORAN

Thomas Shipley Cooper & Annie Louisa Upton

Thomas Shipley COOPER (Jnr) was married to Annie Louise UPTON, at the "No Mistake" gold mining area just west of Parkes, NSW. on 26th January, 1892.

Thomas and Annie lived in Currajong Street, Parkes; Thomas, like his father before him, was a miner and worked an eight hour shift in the "No Mistake" mine. A couple of years after they were married, Thomas acquired 670 acres of land about five miles west of Parkes. He continued to work his eight hour shift in the mine, then would ride out to "Hillview" to work on the block and build a house for his wife and growing family. Annie and Thomas between them, cleared forty acres of scrub and by 1898 they had sold the town house and moved to the farm.

Issue of Thomas and Annie Louisa Cooper

Check in here to view a photograph of AMY COOPER & JOHN HENDRY

Thomas Shipley Cooper died at "Hillview" on 24th September, 1914, and was buried in Parkes. His wife, Annie Louisa, died on 20th March, 1966 in Parkes.

Deviate here to view a photograph of THE COOPER FAMILY with their two eldest, Amy & Ralph.

For further information about AMY ELLINOR COOPER, see the HENDRY HISTORY

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