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Kadok Dragonman

Kadok Dragonman
Shawn Squire. Copyright 1997.

This is one of those aforementioned pieces that is not finshed, though I do not know if I am going to complete it.
It is rendered in pencil (2B, I think), and I am always impressed at the way that an unfinished picture can seem finished with the sketchy style that a pencil gives.
This idea comes, once again, from my friend's roleplaying game. As the Kadok Prime (previous) is the commander of the armies in a sense, the Kadok Dragonman is the common shock troop. Versatile, deadly, and cybernetically enhanced, the dragonman is adaptable to most climates. A deadly adversary, the Kadoks are what makes a true roleplaying game dangerous. The power spear in it's hand is but one of the many weapons that the Kadoks employ.

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