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Dormak At'Mortis-Kin

Dormak Atmortis-Kin
Shawn Squire. Copyright 1993.

Sorry about this one being so big, but I think that it loses a lot of the detail when it is in a smaller format.

This is a piece that I did a while back. It is a protrayal of an event that happened during a game session. The female, Dormak, is actually a sword that had attained enough power to assume a human shape. Since her master was male, she thought that this would be the appropriate form. She and her master had a falling out and she left, only to find the arch-enemy her master and relieve him of his head, to rob her master of that glory. The head in her hand is the head of a demi-god...ouch.
Originally done in pencil, technical pens really brought this one to life. I felt that through drawing a nude female, there would be a certain amount of strength implied from her nakedness.

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