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Welcome to Buffy Quiz Central! I looked all over the net for Buffy quizzes, and I couldn't find a page with enough quizes to satisfy my trivia-hungy mind. So I decided to make my own! It's not too pretty, but it reaches it's purpose! More quizzes will be added as more people visit. Please e-mail me and tell me what you think. I also am welcome to suggestions for questions, I WILL recognize you here!Thanks for coming!

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Last week's answer:>TITLE Where the Wild Things are>AUTHOR Maurice Sendack>MAIN CHARAACTER Max >PLOT Max, in his wolf costume, is a pest, so his mother sends him to bed with no supper. Then Max dreams that his room becomes a jungle, and he rides a boat to the land where the wild things are. The wild things and he have a contest, and Max is appointed King. They play, and roar and have fun, until Max gets lonely. So he goes back over the sea and to the jungle, which turns back into his room. And on his bedside table, his mother had left him his supper. "And it was still warm."Last Week's Winner: Aurelia O'Leary

Note: If people don't start answering the question of the week, I will STOP it entirely.

UPDATES- June 11, 2000- New Moon Rising is up

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