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this section contains email sent from visitor's to this site;
we either found what they had to say interesting or just really
strange and felt that we should share it with you all..

From: Trinity
Subject: another cool canadian website
Recieved: July 22, 2001

I see them everywhere... what is it with canadians, give them a book on html, and they crank out some of the crispiest sites in cyberland. As I sit in front of my crappy computer, smoking a joint, buck naked and bored.... I hope to stumble into some little code-hole, both visually and mentally stimulating. You've filled the gap for me tonight.. Thanks guys.

Another canadian camgirl....
trinity aka www.trinityrox.com

From: brad3586@hotmail.com
Subject: your kewl website
Recieved: Sept 22, 2000

dudes....your website is so fuckin kewl!! We (Tanya, my little sweatheart and I) have been checking it out now for the past couple of hours and have gotten lost a few times but that's no fault of yours....we are so baked right now!!! Your music is awesome!!! lol.. Tanya, wanted to respond to your "Favorite Position Pole" so to make it more offical we tested each of the positions first. hehe..people should take these poles serious! Won't keep ya....we just wanted to say hi and tell you how kewl you site is.

T & B

nice to hear your getting some action there, brad... now send me your drugs..

From: JCHAP1010@aol.com
Subject: All Idiots
Recieved: Aug 12, 2000

I can't believe this kind of stuff is on the internet. It is pathetic! I am very naive and time I wake up . This should not be allowed on the internet. What is bad enough that we should report to AOL if not this perversity, girls showing their pussy, and sucking guys dicks. How pathetic. My niece is one of the girls in the pics. (She is my ex-husband's niece.) How easy it is for teenagers to sin..................

Aunt Jeanne

...and may i ask why you sent ME this? and why do you think you're my aunt jeanne? i don't have an aunt jeanne.

From: ryan_etx@hotmail.com
Subject: AWESOME music!
Recieved: July 29, 2000

Hey dudes...

Just wanted to say hey from Texas and tell y'all how awesome we think your music is. Nothing better than me and my girlfriend getting together for some great music, some icy cold brews, and a freshly loaded bong! Music and sex....both awesome. But she's a sweetheart anyway, the music just makes it all that much better. Y'all be kewl up there in Canada. Just wanted to let you know your fans reach all the way down here to Texas.


Ryan and Cindy

i love getting email like this.. especially when i know i've helped people have sex and smoke pot.

From: planetdirks@hotmail.com
Subject: you are yummy!
Recieved: June 6, 2000

hey gorgeous my name is Cynthia and you are hot baby lets exchenge pics I'll send you pics of mine if you show me your butt that is it's monday night my time is 7:14 pm will be here till 12:00 am thats midnight here if I see your beautiful butt between now and 12 my time i will send you a pic of my pierced clit Email me back with your Email addy

...pierced clit? ohh, you GOTTA hook us up with that picture lady! jiz_yEAH!

From: fermierk@pacbell.net
Subject: Help
Recieved: June 14, 2000

I'm home alone tonight, and was about to go to bed. Alone, unfortunately. I saw you were online (and straight), and thought you might help me out. I would like to fantasize about rubbing my nipples against your young chest. Yes, I am older than you. We would be dancing slowly together, and I could feel your penis swaying against my thighs and getting hard as we danced naked. Could you just take off your shirt for me to fantasize a while. I'd like to enjoy the moment with you, but ....

and like sand thru the hourglass, so are the dayz of our lives..