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december 2000

i'm counting sheep but running out...


my brother (cain) calls me and wakes me up at 6:00 this morning to ask if i'll drive him to work. so, being the asshole that i am, i dragged my ass outta bed and drove the son of a bitch.

i haven't been up this early since i had a life...

so, instead of going back to bed and wasting half of the day, i figured i'd stay up and play around on the ol' pc. bill gates would be proud.

i've fixed *all* of the links/songs in the 'our recordings' section, so weither it'd be realaudio or mp3, all links are 1oo% working. i think this is the first time ever that they all worked. i am the shiznit.

even cats know how to party like it's 199... err 2001

here it is, the 29th of december - 2 days away from new year's eve - and i still have no idea what i'm doing. fuck! ember, if your reading this, gimme a call dude. we gotta hook up or some shit. i really gotta figure somthing out..

oh yeah, i also changed the mp3 of the week. check it out. it's the godzilla remix of green day's brain stew. me like. yes, me do.

don't just do something - stand there!


i can't tear myself away - i'm fucking hooked on the sims and i feel like a dork. well, that only comes naturally, but it doesn't help my problem here. the game is addictive as hell. and if you haven't already played it, you should. or maybe not. i spent over 10 hours playing it last night.. and i didn't even get tired of it.. the only downside to my addiction is my girlfriend: she hates it when i'm on the computer. but fuck, i don't care. i love the shit. and she, well, she can just suck my.. umm.. nevermind... i love you, baby!

so yeah, i'm working on getting my own domain name for the site.. and what else... oh yeah, let me take time here and thank those of you who signed the guestbook; i really appreciate it. and to turner, lemme just say i wish i coulda boozed 'er up withcha buddy. next year, i promise.

ok, now that i got that outta the way, lemme post some pictures of my fellow dorks.

the following are mugshots of ember, seshbong, tom, cain and turner. don't hate them because they're beautiful.

my, what a lovely collage of pictures. ha. i'm over and out.

i'm the ghost of christmas past


for sale: one slightly used liver, comes with extreme hangover.

fuck, did i get drunk on xmas eve. whew.. i've been sweating out liquor for days now..

and christmas is officially over.. didn't even feel like it was even here.. weird. my brother cooked up a damn good meal yesterday.. never knew he had it in 'em. now i'm just waiting for new year's to come around so i can abuse my body once more..

being as it's boxing day, i should probably hit up a mall and buy some shit on sale..

here's some more xmas toons:


off for xmas holidays


hoo-rah. i'm finally off school for christmas holidays. let the drinking festivities begin.

i've switched website hosts again - back to my roots.. angelcities sucks my ass and they 'suspended' my account.. i guess my language is a little to foul for their tastes.. fuck off and go to hell... now let's see how long i'll last on angelfire..

3 fucking days until christmas.. fuck.. where does the time go? by, obviously.

here's a bunch of festive cartoons (click on the thumbnail to view)


my brain no work yup sore does hurt


god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i *hate* studying for tests.. especially when only one person in the class from the previous semester managed to pass the course.. my head is fucking sore..

so jizyeah, i gots me a midterm tomorrow.. fun schtuff. yes siree... i had to take a break from study so i thought i'd do this.. put my mind at ease.. ri-ight.

i now added a vote pop-up on loading of the main page now - and i hate doing it - but it's you, the people, who are at fault. nobody votes for my fucking site. nor do they sign my guestbook or use the message board. do you people not know what these things were designed for? and in case your a little slow to figure it out, text links are in orange on my site. so if you see some text in orange, do yourself a favor and click on it.

oh yeah, i changed the webcam from streaming to a refreshing image, so i can save my bandwith.. also, i changed the poll and the old results are in:

who is the worst pop singer today?

Britney Spears (8) 6%
Christina Aguilera (11) 8%
Mariah Carey (1) 0%
Jessica Simpson (5) 3%
They can sing? (102) 80%
Total: 127 votes.

well, there you have it. i knew none of those bitches could sing, and here are the statistics to prove it.

speaking of bitches, the picture to the left is of ember trying to look scary or some shit. ooooh, watch out.

if he's reading this right now, he's probably wondering how the hell i managed to get ahold of this picture.. let's just say i have my ways, buddy! muhahahaha! (who's scary now?)

i flow with clarity to end all the confusion


i changed the layout of the site yet again. good news: all the mp3s are back online. i'm still working on getting the realaudio up and running, but it's not really a priority because who the hell listens with that shit anyways? also, i simplified the menu, and if you'll notice, there is a guestbook option; please sign it. also, at the top of this page you'll find that there is a lil graphic that tells you how many people are viewing my page this minute. usually this number is 2 or less, cause my site blows the llama's balls.

so christmas is less than 6 days away and i'm still not done shopping; like i care. seeing as i'm a student, i usually exclude myself from the whole gift-giving procedure because of my lack of funds. but this year, things are a little different: i have me a girlfriend. and i'm not quite sure what to get her. well, actually, there's actually two things that i want to get for her, but i can only afford one of them. oh yeah, they both involve life long commitments.. hmmm... what to do... what to do..
(no, it's not what your thinking... or is it?)

this is going to also be the first year i spend christmas away from home. it's not really a big deal, my girlfriend had to work over the holidays, and there is no way that i was going to leave her by herself on christmas. i'm really going to miss drinking all that free booze though.. oh yeah, my friends and my parents too..

stang has been recently working on his site - bad beats - and i must say, even though it's not finished yet, it's a hell of a lot better buddy. keep it up...

above is a lovely picture of drewston that he sent me wishing me a merry christmas. i just thought i'd showcase his beauty on my site. i love you man.

my girl wants me in bed, so until next time...

back at it once again


shit! it's december already... bah fucking humbug. how's that for holiday spirit?

i never thought i'd get around to adding another post on this site.. been busy as hell lately.. just finished moving into my new place and i've got midterms all week.. fuck.

but i'm living large now - phat, as the laymen call it. my new pad is pimpin; or should i say our new pad is - i moved out with my girlfriend. and i haven't gone crazy yet. haha. actually, everything is going good; we haven't gone at each others throats yet and were getting along together very well.. she's actually very easy to live with..

< and now that i'm practically married, i've decided to pass on to you the most important document a single guy ever needs - the booty call agreement.

simply click on ol' bunny ears to the left to download a copy of the document, print it out and pass it on to your friends and neighbors -- every man needs the booty call agreement!

thanks to mr. brinkworth for sending me my copy - dunno what i'd do without it..

i think i have way too much time on my hands..

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