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november 2000

i'm the one who put saran wrap around your toilet bowl..


god, i'm just giving 'er this weekend... no rest for the wicked.

i saw one of my newest favorite movies again last night: final destination. but to tell you the truth, it's not that great the second time around; but if you haven't seen it yet, you should cause it kicks ass the first time you watch it.

and i'd like to take the time here to discuss an issue that really bothers me: ecstasy. yes, i'm talking about the hallucinogenic drug. i hate the shit. and it's not cause of the high (well, i do hate how it makes me all touchy-feely and shit) but it's not that. it's the fact that ravers have to take the shit to enjoy their music, and to have fun at their raves. fuck, what the hell is the point of doing it if you need to take drugs to enjoy it?!

anyhow, i was reading the latest issue of stuff that came in the mail yesterday and daaaaammmnnn has punky brewster grown up! she's hot as hell now. yeah, i just felt like sharing that.

i believe that's all i have to rant about today.

your daughter kicked my dog..


well lookie lookie.. another post for the month of november.. fuck i'm good. too bad i have nothing of interest to talk about. (i changed the layout of the site, if you haven't noticed)

   i guess i'll share with you some of the sickest sites i've come across on the net.

   prepare yourself to drink some of the devil's champagne.

rotten.com - mutilations & shit
bangedup.com - funny & sick shit
shownomercy.com - death & really sick shit

and now for the useless drizzle that is my life:

today, my brother and his girlfriend got a kitten. a black kitten named dakota. cute lil' son of a bitch, i must say.. too bad his parents are so damn ugly.

my woman finally got herself a job today, which is a huge relief - both for her and myself. i thought i was gonna go broke there for a minute.. wait a sec - i am! fuck.

well, it's getting late and my girl wants me in bed, so i'm out y'all.. peace neeeyAH!

we gonna rock it till the wheels fall off..


jeeze.. i'm down to one post a month now.. what's the world coming to?!

seshbong's moving to the eastside. t dot, to be precise. crazy.. lucky motherfucker got a job with tsn making about three grand a month.. way to go brother! i'll be lucky if i can land a job at mcdonalds, for fuck's sake.

i'm moving out into my own place at the end of the month with my girlfriend.. we lucked out on finding a really sweet pad.. it's the absolute best place i've ever rented.. (what, you thought i was a fucking homeowner? ha!)

cain's working on getting a half hour spot on the local community cable channel so we can start our own version of the 'tom green' green show. watch out mtv, here we come..

canada's got an election brewing here next weekend.. i dunno about anyone else, but i am defiantly voting for this political party. it's about time someone knew how to run things around here...

our list of interesting canadian political parties:

-marijuana party
-marxist-leninist party of canada
-communist party of canada
-rhinoceros party
-canadian action party
-natural law party
-the green party

fellow canadians, please place your votes...

speaking of voting, have just i've changed the poll -- seeing as we all know that everyone loves 'em some fake boobies. here are the results for the previous poll:

what is your favorite breast size?

As (3) 2%
Bs (30) 21%
Cs (29) 21%
Ds (22) 16%
anything fake (35) 25%
whatever you got (18) 13%
total: 137 votes.

thanks to everyone who participated. your the reason why i do this pointless shit.

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