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september 2000

all the clocks in 'pulp fiction' read 4:20..


i love it when people send me pictures. especially when the people in them look silly and stupid. because that's where i'm going with this site.. strait up silly and downright stupid.

the picture above is of mr. muenchrath and his girlfriend billy jo (she's the one holding the rifle). make a cute couple, don't they?

this picture is of mr. simmons (who, by the way, recently got engaged to his girlfriend sarah. congratulations guys!). now you got some real titties to fondle, buddy!

i also have released a remix i did of the beatles 'sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band'.
click here to download the MP3 or click here to stream in realaudio.

sodium hexametaphosphate removes soap scum. jizyeah beyaatch.


so people, i'm really fucking bored right now. and my throat's dry as a nuns cunt. and with that being said, i'd like to take some time out here and thank brad williams and tanya for their compliments on the site, and for also trying all the sex positions listed in the poll. it's all about participation, baby.

i was messing around on the net today and signed up to some voicemail thing where i can receive.. voicemail.   so, if you've got something to say just use the digits.

mailbox # 604451008

(415) 354-9619
(415) 462-9619
(415) 723-9619

if you haven't already, go to joecartoon.com and puree frogs in a blender.

skippy a dee bop a christopher reeves.


so how come nobody has been signing my guestbook lately? (with the exception of alea and vxnerv, of course). what the fuck is going on people? remember that i got a message board too. SO USE IT!

ok ok.. so it's not like me to use profanity on this site (yeah, right) but i usually never use CAPS LOCK or whatever.. i dunno what it is either.. capital letters look goofy to me.. jizYEAH.

now my site's gonna get deleted cause of the picture above cause, y'know, it SOOOOOO explicit and all... like fuck... jeeeeesus... take the lords name in vain, for christ's sake.. what's so wrong about a naked girl in a field of dope? hello?

but, as for myself, everything's fucking peachy i guess. i miss cara_beth, i need to get some pussy, and school licks my left nut. but all in all, everything's been going decent so far.

alea, if your reading this, don't worry: i still think your the sexiest monkey on the net.

so, if your new here, or even if your not, listen to my tunes, sign my guestbook, or just fucking lie there like a good for nothing dog. whatever.

the old poll results are in:

bomb beat 2k - favorite sex position

what is your favorite position?

missionary (2) 3%
doggystle (22) 34%
wheelbarow (4) 6%
sixty-nine, baby! (7) 10%
whateva, just fuck me (23) 35%
i'm a virgin (6) 9%

Total: 64 votes.

i'm so glad that many of you would rather just get fucking in some way than take it in a compromising position: doggystyle is my choice.

you never know what'll happen when ol' ouija slips you the tubesteak.    




today we rented transformers: the movie on DVD. how sweet is that? seshbong was grinning from ear to ear...

none of the mp3s are online anymore, and i'm having a bitch of a time finding a free webspace provider that'll keep from deleting them... so your just going to have to put up with realaudio for now. also, i finally got around to doing it today: the picture album is now online. enjoy the pics, but remember: it hurts to look this good.

..cara_beth is the most beutifuliest thing..

twiterpated. just like the damn bunny.


it's been awhile since i've added anything to this site.. i dunno.. i guess i've lost interest. but don't fear: i still lead one hell of a boring life, so i'll always find time to add shit.

hit the whiskey a lil too early...

i've been lazy as a motherfucker lately. i've lost all ambition. i sleep in longer everyday, stay up later every night.. fuck. i'm hurtin.
but for some good news, i'm almost finished school. well, my second year anyway. i have one more exam to write and then i'm done. thank god. it seems like it's been dragging on forever over the last two months.. it'll be sweet to finally be finished.

and, as for the woman situation: it sucks.

actually, it's not all that bad. i mean, i have met someone and i really do like her a lot, it's just a horrible scenario that we're in. living 13,000 km apart from each other is killing me.. not to mention her.. and all i want to do is be with her and show her really just how i feel. but i live here and not there. so, as you can see, this sucks ass. but i plan to go back there within the next month and just hope that she hasn't forgot who the hell i am...

check out our 'live radio show' broadcasting right outta vancity. listen to the newest cd/mixtape i've made and tell me what you think.

fuck shit ass bitch cunt shoe-ba-dee-doo-wop.


september. fuck does time fly. well, let me first start off by saying that i bought me a 'new' car (new to me anyways).

and yeah, i also changed the poll & updated the archives (and fixed that fuckin' menu glitch). enjoy.

..: upcoming simpsons movie releases :..

check the archives for earlier material...

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