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august 2000

i kicks the flavor like steven king writes horror.


man, i get some fucked up email. patrick_2nd@hotmail.com sent an email asking me to visit this site. what the fuck is with all the religious shit lately? whatt'ya think i attend sunday mass here or something, people?
check the viewer email section for new additions as well...

i'd also like to take the time now to comment on what i wrote on here the previous day regarding 'the girl of my dreams'. i'm not head over hells in love but more infatuated with her than anything else. what can i say? the sex was good. actually, the best i've ever had. but there's more to it than that. it feels good when we're together, like there's a strong connection between us. i dunno, it's hard to explain..

i also like to share with you an interesting fact that i recently bequest: i quit smoking dope. well, on a rare occasion i've been known to puff a lil', but i've cut back quite a bit. yeah, i'm sad. whateva.

above is a picture of this car i'm thinking about buying tomorrow. it's an '89 ford escort gt. for a guy who believes that ford stands for fUCKIN' oLD rEBUILT dODGE, this comes as a shock (to me). but, the bastards are giving me a good deal on it (or at least i think they are) so i just might have to settle for the thing. my current hunk of shit is in desperate need of a tune up. or a funeral. whichever comes first. so, if they settle for my offer tomorrow, i'll be finally driving in style. somewhat, anyways.

back in action: you can't keep a good thing down.


i'm back from cowtown. hell, i didn't think i'd ever leave. and just look what i had to come back to: nothing! this site got deleted again. fuck, won't they ever learn? you can't stop me..

it's crazy how much things can change in such a short time. absolutely. one minute you have your life planned out, and the next thing you know everything's different. you suddenly see things in a new light, and nothing is as it was. something has happened, and things will never be the same. it happens out of the blue, and catches you by surprise.
but, i guess change is good. or is it?

so i guess by now your all wondering what the hell i'm ranting about. where to begin...

well, let me start off by saying that i had one hell of a time in calgary. it was the best two weeks of my life: there was tons of places to go, girls to do, and liquor to drink. hell, ian and i even bought two whole shooter trays when we were out at the bar. it was insane.

but something else also happened to me the last few days i was there: i fell for someone. but not just anyone. i've known her for quite a long time, and never thought something like this would ever happen between us. but suddenly she's become the girl in my dreams - the first thing i think of when i get up in the morning, and the last thing i think of before i goto sleep. but there's a huge problem with this: we live thousands of miles apart. and it's driving me nuts. i have to get back there within the next two weeks, or else this could all just pass me by..

quite the dilemma. i know this sounds cheesy and whateva but i don't give a shit. i have to get this off my chest. it's eating me up inside.

blah blah blah, i know, i know....

fuck you, erin! (sorry trish)

the above is a picture i took about a year ago of these two chicks i know who used to date. that's right gentlemen, their lesbians! well, actually, i think they'd be classified as bisexual, but whatever. the girl in black bitch-slapped me about two weeks ago for putting this on here last year, even though i was kind enough to take it off.. well, don't fuck with me.. cause look what you made me do.. and this time i'm leaving it on here... hahaha

and i also found out about a trend that's forming here. it's seems that everyone's into getting girls pregnant these days..
let me first congratulate roth on knocking up his woman (and happy bday too, ol' buddy), secondly, i'd like to congratulate maynes on his lil' bundle of joy, and in third comes wilson and the fine job he did impregnating mayne's sister. in fourth is tammy with a bun in her oven, and in fifth comes my oldest brother for ejaculating inside his woman. great work you guys. let's just hope this isn't contagious....

blown this popsicle stand.


i've split. vamoose. outta hera. i'm going back to cali. see you in the not to distant future.

i've been fantasizing about this girl. sorry dave.

i didn't learn shit today


the month is now august. i still have no job, no money, and no girlfriend. what the fuck. at least i got a website (how fucking pitiful is that?!)

but seriously, speaking of the site, i've made some changes. most important of them is that, yes, i got most the mp3s back online (not all of them). who knew bill gates would be the answer?

i've also added a mailing list to the site, so join it now and recieve bunk email from me for an eternity. muhahahaha.

today is also the first day of my summer holidays. i get a measly two week break, and i'm thinking of heading back to my hometown to waste most of it. unless i'm stuck taking the bus there. then i'm not going anywhere. nothing is worth a 16-hour bus ride. so who knows what the fuck i'm doing.

click here to watch me park my car.

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