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june 2000

...welcome to bomb beat 2k_v2.o


some of you right now might be thinking to yourselves, "what the hell happened here?"; most of you probably don't even know what here is.. lucy has some explaining to do.

welcome to bomb beat. for those of you who are returning, yes, things have changed. for those of you who are new, let me give you history lesson.

this site was created on march 16, 1999, and was created for sole purpose of giving me something to do when i get bored. originally, i intended on using it for some kinda link with friends at my hometown, and for `exposure' as well. it was a music-deticated site, mainly for my own recordings and remixes.. but something was wrong. i don't why, but i just wasn't really involved with the site.

and then one day, i journeyed through the cam portal of the stile project. what i found was an awakening. the idea of how these sites are so personal really appealed to me. i'm not much of a writer or anything, but having a place to just unload your shit sounded good. i have had a webcam for awhile, but i just used camarades - i never put any thought into what i should make out of it. don't let me get you wrong, i have no idea what i'm gonna do with it now but get more personal. seshbong (one of my roommates) is probably gonna drop a line here or there, and i'm also going to share with all of you the sick shit people email me with. the internet is such a beautiful tool.

i'm also going to have bios online of myself and others involved in the bomb beat project. hell, you might have even been to vancity cam and seen 'em. cain and seshbong are going to be a reoccurrence you'll find on the site. the photo gallery should be up and running, but i am definitely going to have to update it sometime here, bob.

as for my music, i'm still going strong, and there will be a selection of mp3s and streams online still. i'm unfortunately not going to have the beats, scratch samples, and midi sequences online anymore. however, i will be adding a selection of music by other artists and friends of mine.

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