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may 2001

we're all idiots.


we are getting raped here, people. fuck the gas and oil companies, and "fuck the government" too. or at least that's what bernie thinks. he's pissed off about all the taxes they took off his last paycheck and has decided that his revenge will be to litter from now on. "then they'll have to pay for someone to pick it up!" that's ingenious, bernie.

stare at the dot in the center and move your head towards & away

don't ever pass out in front of a bunch of your drunken friends. you fellas know what i'm talking about.

well, dempster had apparently forgotten this rule a few nights ago and happen to crash out flat on his ass in front of turner after a day long bender. huge mistake. well, it just so happenedd that shakes and ouija wanted to conduct a test and find out exactlyy what is mr. dempter's sexual orientation. therefore, we decidedd on molesting him with the leg of a wooden chair and see what his reaction would be.

we recorded our results, and you can listen to them by clicking on the link below. very nasty. i wonder if one of his girlfriends will ever read this?

cool, calm - just like my mom.



click above to download "purple pills",
a new track off off d12's upcoming album
which is being released on july 6th.

the dirty dozen [d12] is a group that eminem belonged to, before he went mainstream.

just when i was getting annoyed with listening to eminem's last album,
he comes out with some decent shit again - it's got a really good beat...
courtesy of andre young & all of his gear!)

you might thought i died.


drewston has a wrestling match tomorrow against johnny devine, who is going to be wrestling in 10 days at wwf raw is war here in calgary... drewston's match takes place at metro night club in calgary.

if your into safe sex, check out this cool game and zap you some sperm.

this was an actual ad that ran in the bargain finder out in bc... i guess it really does stand for better chronic!

i the people who chat on msn 24/7?


has there been some drinking being done lately; i was outta commision for about 3 days there. but now i'm back in action and, like always, we've managed to capture the meheym that is our lives.

to the left is a picture of the leprickon on saturday night. he fucking passed out on the floor, right in front of shakes and me - while we were talking to him!

what a dumbshit. but i don't blame him; i haven't drank that much in a long time... i was amazed that i was still standing at the end of the night! (not very still though)

but dude, when i crashed i crashed hard.. i was unconscious until 5:00pm the following morning.. fuck do i hate waking up that late. but it didn't matter; i didn't want to wake up at all.

below is a recording made by the leprikon aka dempster right before he passed out. it's not that funny, but it's drunk talk, so uMM.. it is funny.

you gotta check out this one! i was just going through all the shit drewston and i recorded the other day when we were drunk and i came across the funniest shit that i've ever heard us record in awhile - no joke! check it out for yourself:

my girlfriend's dad is one tough motherfucker!


i spent most of the day today at the hospital. and i never want to go back; but i will.. my girlfriend's dad just had a double-bypass heart surgery, and both my girlfriend and i went to visit him. my god. i've never seen so many tubes shoved in a person. but he's going to recover.. and fast! the guy is a fucking rock. man, i hope i can stand up to half the shit he can when i'm his age..

but enough of the personal details about myself. it's time to pass on the buck.

berniebrown was supposed to come over tonight and smoke a fatty, but did he? no. and what else is new? the kid is a fucking shithead. that's right bernie, i said you are a SHITHEAD. write and tell him what we think of shitheads. [plus, i think he likes gay boys] but that could be because of all the dope the kids smoked in his lifetime. here's a picture i got from his mom of when he was just under a year old.

a TRUE dope-feind from the cradle. and these drugs have got him so messed nowadays that he's starting to think that he's ghetto.
just take a look:

put the fucking gat down kiddo, your not fooling anyone.

anyways, i'm over it now. i just hate it when people say they're going to do something and don't. at least drewston was over here. if he wasn't, i would have been pretty fucking bored. but we bought a two-six of rum, so the night became pretty interesting...

oh yeah... after me and drewston got drunk, we ran downtown and leased ourselves the best fucking vehicle our credit could afford...and somehow, some way, i had a camera on me and i took these pictures of it. start your drooling now.

and now for the backside.. mmmmmmm...

yeah. you think i'm full of shit.. hey, look! my eyes are brown!

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