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april 2001

gone and switched me muh servers.


i recently switched servers this weekend, so you're probably going to notice few pop ups [thank god] and fewer down time. i've also added what i consider to be your own personal odometer to the startup page, so you can track your own hits to the site.

also, i added a screen resolution detection script so that you can properly view this page at lower resolutions [than 1024x768].

i'm just one big fucking geek.

how well do you think you know a nice pair of tits when you see em? well, to try out your skills click here and test you boobie-judging abilities.

i went over to bernie's tonight and his fucking iguana was alive - i mean, this thing was actually moving. usually he just lies there swinging on his rope all day.

oh yeah, and i found out that his name is igor. what is he, a viking? looks more like an 'ernie' to me..
ernie and bernie.

below are the results from the last month's poll, so there's something new to fuck around with today.

this month's poll is now related to current events such as the stanley cup playoffs. so get in there and vote.

she is in the wrong.


fuck. have i got a story to tell..

where to begin? well, lets see... first off, the night started out great. better than planned. i had supposed to meet up with brinkworth and drink a few brews with him before he leaves for austrailia (this saturday).

but, i had to run all this past the girlfriend first. and surprisingly, she was cool with it. beautiful. so, we all decided to hook up at outlaws and drink a few.

what a great idea that was.

so we get there and it's fucking gay. brinkworth hadn't shown up yet, so the girlfriend & i cracked into a few to quicken the passing time.

finally, brinkworth shows up and the party begins.

anyways, our story doesn't begin there. when i first arrived at the bar, i walked in the door and turned the corner and ran into my "immortal enemy" -- miss andrea.

we didn't have much to say to each other on our first encounter, but little did i know that there was more to come.

this brings me back to the where i first left off. i was over by the shooter bar with my girlfriend, chatting up with some friends, when she (my woman) says that she's gotta go to the little girls room.

"great!" i thought to myself, "this is a chance to run out to my car!" -- i had been wanting to take a trip outside to my vehicle so i could grab my smokes and drop off her jacket (which had been hanging off my shoulder all night).

so i hurried off outside towards my car, and guess who i run into on the way out to the parking lot --- "the enemy" -- a.k.a. andrea.

and see, that's the thing - everyone thinks that i hate andrea.

but i don't. i don't give a shit. to me, it's all water under the bridge. what's done is done. what's in the past, i leave in the past. but i hadn't talk to her since her and drewston broke up. and she wasn't so forgetful.

she wants to fucking kill me. hmm.. i thought maybe she heard the song.
so i sang it to her.

and boy, did she like that.

my friendship with drewston means more to me than any relationship i had with andrea.

she's just pissed off cause she thinks i made everyone think of her as a slut. wrong. i'm not god or xavier. i cannot control peoples thoughts or emotions.
what happened between us is not what made her look like a slut. it made her look like a bad girlfriend, if anything.

what made her look like a slut were the threesomes she had with her friend and her [friends] husband. i had nothing to do with that shit, young lady. so don't you fucking blame me for the reputation you have created by the choices you made.

well, i guess my song didn't help out your situation too much. but you had gone and pissed me off. and look what you made me do...

today was a right .. eRR.. write off.


fuck. i need to get my ass in gear. i was supposed to volunteer today. but did i? no. i've felt like shit all day. but that's ok.. i'm going in everyday next week.. i promise mother.

drewston's been over at the bomb2k environment for the past few days now.

this means i know have some shit to showcase of him.

ain't life grand?

is anyone getting sick of the animated pictures yet?

there's more where these came from..

but for now, check out these new home videos that have been added today:

are we fags again? - drewston
the drew show - drewston
point your fingers - drewston & ouija
we drink the beer - drewston & ouija

fuck, if only i could get a job doing shit like this...

no more american in the wallet.


bernie and i were accused of stealing some cheap ass fucking sunglasses from the shell this weekend by the model employee in the picture below. what a bunch of horseshit.

all this cause we took a picture of the bastard at 2:00 in the morning yawning... 3M TA3.

anyways, there are some new skits that been added this weekend. they are as follows:

i would have added another picture, something like a cartoon or something, but it's too fucking late.. eRR .. too early in the morning, so fuck that.

maybe next time..

oh yeah, in case you didn't know, there is a war going on in the gbook..

friday the 13th.. watch yourself.


sweet shit. i got a gig helping them out at the studio this saturday. i'm not getting paid, but it's a step towards the right direction. i hope volunteering will pay off.

bernies a sick bastard.

just look at him molesting himself on my couch. sick bastard.

and all the while he's smiling...

bernie's now the carry-out captain of golden acres. hilarious.

teach us about the foliage, my friend. (seshbong could give you some tips!)

until next time...

hit with assault after one punch.


this is turning out to be a month with bad luck for some people.

first incident happened the night of my 21st bday party -- last sunday. everything was going good, i was getting drunk as scheduled, and the night was almost coming to an end.

we had decided to do some drinking at the pub down the street from my house, so that way i wouldn't even attempt driving home later. well, like i said, everything was going good until drewston got into a fight. actually, i wouldn't even call it that.

there was this other gentleman there at the pub who, being obviously wasted out of his fucking tree, thought that he could take on the world (the world being drew) now, if you've seen drew, you'd know that a wise man wouldn't even conceive such a notion.

but not this guy.

"i'm forty two and i can kick your fucking ass" he shouted at drew, as he took off his jacket and began to approach him. simmons (another friend of ours) stepped in between the two, trying to keep drewston calm and stop a fight from breaking out.

now, i happened to be sitting with my back turned to all of this, unaware of what was going on; just doing my part in the consumption of alcohol. so i never even saw anything that went down. but i'm sure everyone in a two mile radius heard what happened next.

drew, not being able to hold back his emotions any longer, threw a punch around simmon's head and landed it on the side of the guys face. from here, the drunken fool feel strait backwards and smashed his cranium on the cold hard concrete floor of the bar, knocking himself unconscious.

and then starts the commotion.

ambulances, fire trucks, squad cars, police all by the dozens. and the worst of it all: last call.  actually, this is very serious and i shouldn't make any jokes here.

drew is facing an assault charge now which may even turn into manslaughter. the guy's in critical condition and might possibly die from his injury(s).

i'm not too worried myself though, i think the guy's gonna live, and if so all charges will probably get dropped.

the moral:

don't punch any drunk asshole no matter how much he pisses you off.

whew.. that took a lotta work. shit, it's getting late and i need to goto bed so i can wake up tomorrow and work for free (yee-haw). ahh, what the hell, i'll tell you another story about bad luck that happened just yesterday.

bernie and stang decided to borrow bernies brother's car yesterday to take a trip downtown. while driving on their way there, bernie had both hands on the wheel and decided to pin it.

now, this car is fucking fast and being a standard, it's required to shift gears once you reach a certain rpm. well, bernie didn't want to take both hands off the wheel, so he asked stang to shift the gear into third. you can see what a brilliant pair these two make: it's all about teamwork.

anyways, stang happened to pop it into first, and if you know anything about cars and changing gears, you can probably figured out what happened next.

yeah.. they blew the fucking transmission. genius. so now there in debt to bernies brother, and both of them are unemployed.

actually, stang just got a job at home depot [good job!] so he shouldn't have any problems. (and bernie.. well, it's his fucking brother.. so y'know)

anyways, i just wanted to congratulate both of you for yet again proving that drugs make you smart.    s-m-r-t.

to the right is a picture of bernie with the dude who works at the shell station down the street from my house. don't ask me why bernie took a picture with him, or even why i decided to put it on here. he thinks it's fucking hilarious.

i think he's right.

the divine damnation of all dalmations.


the saskatchewan army

this just in: you can now access your bomb2k.com email account by going directly to http://mail.bomb2k.com - please make a note of it.

and if your bored (which you must be if your reading this!), i've added a new section to my site that contains a bunch of skits & recordings made by all of us over the years. they're basically just recordings of us fooling around on the microphone. so yeah, have fun with that shit.

cold as a motherfucker.


i am one cold son of a bitch. it's like 30 below outside right now and there's about 6 or 8 inches of snow on the fucking ground. i really missed living here in calgary.

so yeah, if you've been wondering why i haven't updated in a while, it's because i'm a lazy bastard. actually, i've been busy running around getting drunk with all my friends and shit, and i just haven't found the time. but yeah, i'm back here in calgary and i'm still unemployed.. fuck. i could get a regular old job, but i'm looking for something related to my career, and those jobs are hard to come by.

actually, i just had an interview last week for a job on a cruise ship as an audio/visual technician, which seems pretty cool. there's only one shitty thing about it: it's six months long, 7 days a week. non-stop work. which doesn't bother me; i'd make a lot of money -- american money. the only one who really has a problem with it is my girlfriend. WHAT?! yeah yeah, you heard me right. me and my girlfriend are back together. but don't think she'd stop me from taking this job. i'm only doing what is best for me nowadays. i'd just hate to leave alone her for 6 months. and i'd hate it even more if after those six months i came back and found out she was fucking someone else. i'd kill the bitch. haha. but seriously, i luv'er.

ok ok enough about me and my shit.

oh yeah, the mp3s are still online - which puzzles me. they're supposed to be deleted, but i'm not complaining.

also, let me take the time here and thank all of the lovely ladies who have joined my top webcams list. you've made me a very happy man. mUHAHAHA.

alrighty, i've gotta get some sleep -- there's some drinking to be done tomorrow, and i'm just the man to do it. so, until i get around to updating again, enjoy yourselves. (and i might not get around to updating for awhile, seeing as my birthday is coming up here this sunday)

drink drink drink, that's all i do...

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