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february 2001

giddy like a twelve year old.


this just in: single male seeks affection from beautiful young female.

that's right ladies, you heard me, loud and clear. me and the woman have officially ended it. and it's weird. i feel relieved to have the pressure and the stress of the relationship off my chest, but at the same time i'm a little depressed. remember that i did fall head over heals in love with this woman [just check the archives] ..and i still am. but this is the fucking strangest break up i've ever had. i mean, we're still living together; so we still sleep in the same bed together. crazy shit. but that doesn't bother me in the least bit. actually, we both got a little drunk tonight and ended up having a passionate kiss. well, after she stopped laughing like a little girl that is. but we're not back together. i guess you could call it being on a break. it's just that there's the slight possibility of getting back together, but i dunno if there's even a chance of that happening. i don't care though.. i'm not looking to get back together with her.. not yet anyways..

i'd tell you why we broke up, but you know, i just don't care to share it with y'all.. actually, it's cause i don't have the energy to get into it right now.. it's 4:20 am right now (smoke em if you got em) and i'm dog tired.

i'm still up drinking beer, killing time until 7:00 when i have to goto greyhound and pick up a package. i am absolutely wasted. fuck. ahh well, i got 3 hours to sober up..

there's been a whole shit load of pictures added to the latest pictures in the photo album thanks to bernie brown. also, a fourth album has been created. so enjoy that shit.

there's also a new mp3 of the's dj z-money's westcoast megamix (curtosy of

..and that's all i gotta say for now...

marijuana & beer are my two best friends.


i've run out of options. there's no other alternative. looks like my ass is heading back east to my hometown of calgary, alberta in 3 weeks. i'm dead broke, i can't find any roommates to move in with, and my girlfriend's moving back there next month anyways. the only shitty thing is that i've gotta move back in with the parents. there goes my independence. but what the hell am i complaining about? nothing beats free rent and food. i dunno.. i guess i feel like i'm giving up if i head home now.. but i can't afford to stay out here... jesus. ahh well, i'll always be coming back here to visit cain and the rest of the shuck n jivers...

check out this pimpin' cell phones that shakes emailed to me today.. they're fucking sweet!

fuck, i went to the liquor store today & bought a case of beer, and when i got home i was yanking it out of the back seat of my car and i swung the case behind my back so i could close my door and the fucking cardboard handle ripped and this case of beer went about 5 feet in the air and it came crashing down to the ground.

damage report: this beer throwing competition only cost me 4 bottles; i managed to salvage the rest.

walt disney was afraid of mice.


have you ever seen a bear use karate? .. this made me laugh so hard...

so, yeah.. the radioshow is now streaming 24/7.. for at least the next 8 days anyway.. do enjoy. right now i'm playing mostly instrumental versions of hip-hop songs; if you have any requests that you want played, post them on the message board..

calgary bound?


jesus. what's with the weird email?

shakes sent me this bizarre message a few days ago:

Wow, you must think that you are pretty hot shit.
Rapping and carrying on like a regular thugstar.
Well mister, have i got news for you... you ain't shit,
your mamma ain't shit and that brother of yours definitely
ain't shit. So until your shit can ramp up the back of a
toilet seat, keep eating your wheaties. Otherwise, you'll
keep spewing out verbal diarrhea like me.

All right, that was enough fun for now...oh ya quit takin photos of your
naked self and posting them, it's really starting to bother me....Ching ching

Who let the wong tong out Ching Ching Ching Ching Ching

Sincerely, []D [] []V[] []D aka. asian attack

..i taught him how to []D[][]V[][]D...

mcilveen threw a party tonight. it was pretty sweet. his sister and a bunch of her friends came down from calgary, and my girlfriend actually went out! it was amazing. this is the first time she's gone anywhere with me in about 2 months! (other than back & forth to work).. out drinking and partying, that is..

..and you know what? we actually had a good time.

everything ran smooth. except when my girlfriend found out that i had told my brother about me and her have practically no more sex life..

and yeah, so what right? she's the one not puttin' out. but no, she has to go and get mad at me for telling him. like it was much of a secret anyway? he took one look at me and said, "my friend, looks like you could use some tail!" i never knew cain was aware of what tail was, but apparently he can spot an addict in a crowd.

what the hell is wrong with you women? fuck.

will work for food.


i wish i had it as easy as the guy above. but here i am, caught in this fucking soap opera. i've never gotten lucky on valentine's day before.. and i still haven't.

anyways, enough about my personal details, here's the reason why i'm posting:

stang & bernie had a pretty messed up evening last night and stang wrote me an email today describing the events in full detail. and he's asked me to share it with you.

here's what he wrote:

It's hard to imagine, and I hope you put this in the archives, Ouija.

Imagine the unimaginable. All the money in the world couldn't have changed this kids intentions.

Let me captivate this for you as clear as possible. It's hard to come to terms with what has happened myself so listening I assume it will be for you too and anybody else who reads this.

It all started early Friday morning February 16th 2001. I called Bernie at 2:30am, we talked briefly about leaving and maybe having a couple beers at his place and so on. Bernie insisted I call him back, reason being he needed to make a few phone calls before he made the run to my house to pick me up.

Five minutes or so go by and i'm quite anxious. No reason only than to leave my house for a little while, so I thought. I picked up the phone and called Bernie. In between that five minutes an old friend of ours Brad had called him. Brad and his friend Dustin, which we had never met previously, were on a night on the town.

Now I believe drinking and driving is unacceptable, some people believe it to be and Brad and Dustin did. While driving as shit faced as he was Dustin decided he would mimic Brad before he crashed his car six months previous, pretending to dance in the car and not watching the road. He lost control the fool.

"I think we're going to crash", said Brad. "I know", were the last words out of Dustins mouth before the white ninety-nine Chevrolet Cavalier lost control at one hundred and thirty km/h on a secluded highway west of Calgary.

Brad and Dustin came to a stop. The car had spun one hundred eighty degrees while hitting a ditch, taking out three wooden poles with it. The car was out in the field fifty meters at least.

The human mind when intoxicated, does not think as clear or as quick. Dustin was devastated, two weeks before this he had crashed his brand new truck daddy bought him in the foothills off roading. So now just to top it off his sisters brand new Cavalier was added to the collection. Quiet and indecisive Dustin was doing nothing accept pondering the fact his parents were about to kill him.

The worst thing for Dustin at that moment was facing the reality of what had just occurred. Being pissed out of his tree didn't help the matter what so ever.

Brad couldn't get through to Dustin, succumbed by fear. Brad said "I'm going to get us some help Dustin". "Fine", was the only reply he received.

We arrive at the gas station, Brad was waiting along the corner for us. He looked cold and thankful for our arrival. "Hop in buddy", I told him. "It's freaking cold outside".

We asked him what exactly happened and he told us. As we approached the crash site you could see the car in the field, interior light on and not running. As I got out of Bernie's car and began walking towards the vehicle I noticed nobody was in the drivers seat nor the passengers. "That's odd", I thought.

As I came closer to the car I could now see that Dustin was laying beside it, on the ground, motionless. The sound of him choking on his own blood almost made my sick. Dustin had slit his wrist, frightful of his parents and his uncertain future. There was blood everywhere. Very disturbing stuff, and there is only one way to act in these situations and it's quick.

I picked Dustin up off the ground, and proceeded to put him in the back seat of his own mangled car. Brad wrapped his wrist with a jacket we found inside. Bernie in disbelief said, "Lets get this kid to a hospital now!".

Brad and I got in the car. I took the car straight through the path it had taken to get where it was which meant driving through a barbed wire fence and through a deep ditch, but what the hell it wasn't my car so I gunned it.

It took me four minutes to get to the Rocky View [hospital]. All I could hear while driving was the sound of a dying person behind me that had absolutely no will to carry on. He refused Brad when he tried to wrap his arms with the jacket, No will what so ever to live! I ran inside and explained that we had an emergency on our hands and we could use assistance and a wheel chair immediately. The guys at the hospital were quick and did their jobs efficiently.

We confirmed later on that Dustin had used a beer cap to inflict this near mortal wound.

What was that kid thinking? He had no concern for living. No matter what the circumstances suicide is never an option.

I hope that Dustin sees a Doctor or a Psychologist. Thinking about it is one thing, disrespecting your family your friends and not to mention yourself and following through with such a violent selfish thought is another. I hope Dustin realizes this morning exactly what he did and learns a very valuable lesson. I personally have no respect for the guy, and to tell you the honest truth I don't even care if I ever talk to him. This goes to show that one simple mistake isn't worth trying to kill yourself over.

Face it we all make mistakes and the most important thing is to be truthful not only to others but yourself at the same time. Material things can be replaced, but your life is priceless.

The Moral of the story: respect yourself and don't be so selfish.

i swear, this has to be the deepest thing stang has ever said.

get some sleep guys, you've earned it. fuck.

i don't have the time to do this. i do - but i shouldn't.


i got these messed up japanese inventions in my email a few days ago. what the hell were these people thinking?

the butter stick is pretty cool..

if you already didn't know, napster is going to start to charge people to use their service. you should know there's more than one place to get free mp3s online. check out, as recommended by seshbong.

unemployed graduate seeks work.


- the home videos are now back online.
- new video added; roth tries to get a lesbian session started (classic).
- new video added; stang tells about the demons..
- new video added; stang loses his marbles....
- the radioshow is still online and streaming..
- all links 100% operational.

i'm sick of doing people favors...


- the webcam now has 15 second refresh.
- the radioshow is online and streaming; check out the beats.
- that's it.

refurbished and revamped, baby!


now this is more like it. fuck, i've been up all night working on this site.. yes, i am openly admitting that i'm a dork.. whatever, the site looks dope now..

duuuuuude.. i'm about ready to pass out here.. but continue, i must..

here are the results of last months poll. obviously most people don't know that the canucks are, by far, the best team in the league and major contenders for the cup this year... ottawa.. phtt.. like they even have a chance..

this means there's a new poll to vote on. check it out ladies..

bernie called me today, which was kinda strange [that's burns to the left]. actually, it's not strange really - he's been calling me for the past few weeks. what is strange is that he used to never call me.. maybe twice over a period of a year.. but now he seems to call me at least once every two weeks.. but i'm not complaining.. it's nice to know your loved.. haha.. stank wants to fuck heidi klum on a sealy posturpeadic.. (who doesn't?!) fuck.. i gotta go visit those guys soon..

i've added a bunch of pictures to the latest pics album.. you may have even seen 'em before, they're just a bunch of snap shot taken with my webcam over the past few months.. so check those out..

also, i've put the final version of my latest track online and you can find the mp3 and the realaudio stream for it under the our releases section.

well, i think that's everything.. i still have to fix all of the home videos, so none of them are currently working.. oh yeah, email my ass if you run into any problems with the new layout. peace...

welcome to the real world...


holy sheep shit. sound the alarm. i am now finished school. what to do now.. fuck. guess i'm gonna have to work. shitty deal. just when i was getting used to student life..

stupid angelfire deleted all of the home videos that i uploaded, but i've re-up'd em on to a new server so they're available to view online again.. so there you have it.

and i still believe that girls to truly suck. a beautiful example is as follows: the day i wrote my last final exam for school was probably one of the happiest days of my life - i was finally finished! so afterwards, i head back to my house from school to get a bite to eat and see what my girl is up to. when i get home, she asks how my exam went and pretends like she cares about the events in my day. then she tells me that she has finally come to a conclusion about what she wants to do with herself: she wants to move back home. what the fuck?? like i need to deal with this shit at this time in my life. fuck. i am really thinking of becoming a priest.

as if i could give up having sex...

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