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january 2001

girls fucking suck.


i made a startling discovery this past weekend: GIRLS SUCK. it's not like i just found this out or anything, hell, i knew the whole time.. they're fucking retarded whinny little bitches... now don't get me wrong, i don't hate the whole race of em, just the stupid ones who think they know it all and think they can get away with shit. bitches. fuck em.

hmm.. i wonder what's eating me? you guessed it - my dumbass girlfriend. she's driving me fucking crazy. and it's not really like me to come on here and complain about my relationship with her, but i really gotta get this off my chest. here goes: for christmas, i gave my girlfriend a ring. bad mistake. she took it the wrong way and started to make marriage plans. hello? so i sat her down about 2 weeks ago and told what's up. i love her to death, but i don't want to get married. i'm too fucking young. i'm not even close to being ready for marriage yet. marriage isn't ready for me. but this just made things worse. fuck! she got the impression that i mustn't be as deeply in love with her as she is with me. what? no no. and then for the past few weeks we stopped being intimate with each other. ouch. my mind begins to race. i start getting all paranoid and begin to think that she's cheating on me. with who? she doesn't know anybody out here. and i think back a few weeks ago when she told me about some guy that came into her work and told her that the manager of sports experts was asking about her. i guess he was interested in 'knocking the boots' with my baby. the motherfucker will die. so i start accusing her of all this shit and she denies it till the end. a few days goes go by, and we continue to drift apart more and more with each passing day. finally one evening we sit down and get into a serious discussion. she starts to tell me all this bullshit about how she's lost and confused and how she feels suffocated in our relationship. excuse me? what happened to your marriage plans there, missy? she goes on about how she thinks we've moved too fast, and how she now has doubts about marriage. she also tells me that she wants to be more independent and that she wants us to live our own lives and have our own friends and be able to go out with them whenever we want. all of this comes as quite a shock to me. all i could think about at this point was that dude from sport experts. how had he gotten to her? the bitch! so, whatever, i agree to her terms, take her word on her monogamy and leave things at that. a few more days pass and i still feel distant from her. what is going on here? and this pretty much brings us up to today. i was sitting around, thinking all of this a thousand times over in my head, when i hear the phone ring. i pick it up and it's my girlfriend. she was calling from work to thank me for dropping off these documents earlier for her friend. that's a first. she detects with her womanly intellect that something is wrong. i tell her everything's fine and not to worry about my problems. she persists on letting me know what's bothering me, so finally i let her have it. she completely denies that she's lost any feelings for me and that she loves me more that ever. she tells me that she has no interest in pursuing another relationship, but for some reason i don't believe her. something is going on here. i can feel it in my gut. fuck! i just hope she isn't lying to me. i want to trust her, but she's female. females are evil. i guess i could always read her diary and find out what's really going on..

here's another home video i put online for you to laugh at. it's from an old skate video that my friend and i tried to make years ago, when we were all posers. in fact, we called the movie posers, peasants and partridges. it stars a very young bernie-brown and fatty james. do enjoy.

i've also tried to fix the damn pop-ups that appear when you load each page. i couldn't get rid of them, however i came up with an ingenious way to override and close them automatically for you. i hope that gets rid of some headaches..

aww.. my girlfriend just called me and told me she loved me. hmmm... maybe it's all in my head...

i am tyler durden.


the time is now 12:40 am right now, and i just finished writing the previous post below. and i figured, seeing as what time it is, that i should just create another post with today date on it, that way i can kill two birds with one stone...

that's right people, i've now got some classic home videos here for your viewing pleasure. these are various clips recorded over the past few years that i decided to put online for the fun of it. i'm going to be added more shortly and eventually i'll have a 'home videos' section, but for now you can view them below or in the picture album section under 'home videos'. all clips are in realplayer format and are recorded really poorly, but hey, who gives a shit right?

pass me that shit - emary puffin on one
trippin - troy and stang off on a trip
give it to me baby - ston, tex, and turner on xmas day 99
trip shit - turner films some people at ouija's
hidden cam - bernie-brown and smith didn't know that the cam was recording
poor emary - cain and emary document his bruises after his dad beat him up
roach smokin' techniques - tex explains to ouija the fine art of smoking dope..

his name is robert paulson.


well well well.. what can i yap about today? i took my girlfriend to the vancouver aquarium earlier... and i all i have to say is beluga whales are fucking cool. yup. the white blob in the picture to the left is a beluga whale... and if you've never seen one before, then your missing out... this things are fucking huge and smart as hell. and they seem to be smiling too.. which is weird.. i dunno whether to laugh or be afraid..

i fucking hate sales people. why can't they just leave you the fuck alone? christ. they hound you like a fucking dog, feed you this bullshit about whatever it is they're trying to sell you, and seem to think that they're the only ones who know what the fuck they're talking about. i say this because i went out and bought a new VCR yesterday at a&b sound, and the salesman there really pissed me off. fuck. all i wanted to do was buy the cheapest model they had, and i ended up spending more on this fucking VCR than i did for my dvd player. oh well... it rewinds tapes in less than a minute..

click here to read a recent study the canadian government did regarding men and their alcohol consumption.

and in the movies..

over this weekend i was quite the couch potato. i watched me, myself & irene, magnolia, and saving grace -- all great movies.

but i found magnolia to be way too long - they must have fallen asleep in the editing room; lord knows i almost did. but i really liked tom cruise's character in the film... it's funny to hear him talk about pussy so much.. i'd give magnolia a 4 out of 5 [the ending is messed!]

me, myself and irene isn't as good as i thought it was going to be. but it was still funny. not jim carey funny though. it would have really sucked without the black kids. i give it a 3 out of 5.

and the most surprising out of them all was saving grace. this movie was fucking hilarious! i dunno what it is, but movies that relate to marijuana just seem to grab me.. i give it a 5 out of 5.

view the trailers: saving grace / magnolia / me, myself & irene

wait until this reaches the theaters..

more terrifying than absolute darkness.


some people really like to piss me off.

cain calls me today and tells me that the police came over to his house last night to 'interragate' him - turns out his roommate and him are under suspicion for grand theft auto. what the fuck? first off, let me fill you in on what's going on:

a few days ago my brother (cain) woke me up in the early hours of the morning to drive him to work [i wrote about this in an earlier post]. so i did. when i got to his apartment to pick him up, there was some person entering the building just as i was walking up to the door. so i grabbed the door before it closed and the dude turns around and tells me that i can't come in. 'no. you can't', he says 'you must buzz'. so whatever i think to myself, close the door and buzz up to my bro's apartment. he unlocks the door, and i hold it open with my hand as i try and finish my cigarette. the same guy that had entered the building earlier came out into the foyer and asked what my problem was now. seeing as i'm not exactly 'mr. cheerful' first thing in the morning, this guy was beginning to get on my nerves. so i try to explain to him in somewhat of a calm orderly fashion that i am a smoker and this is a non-smoking building hence forth i can not enter with a lit smoke. this dude had a problem comprehending and told me to either come in or close the door and stay outside. i told him i'm not gonna close the door and have to get my brother to let me in again because i'm not finished my smoke yet. he starts getting all pissy and comes up and tries to close the door on me. that did it. i throw the cigarette down on the ground, come inside and slam the fucking door on the guy's leg. now i'm cursing and ready to go toe-to-toe with this guy, but he just turns around and heads down the other hallway. so i just continue on up to my bro's apartment and tell him what just conspired downstairs. he laughs at me, and we head out for his work, thinking nothing more of it.

a few weeks earlier to this, someone had gotten into the underground parkade of my brother's apartment building, broke into his car and stole everything inside of it: his stereo, school books, backpack, cds, and my fucking jacket. they had also stolen a minivan from the parkade and drove away with it all. my brother reported this to the police and they told him that they'd begin an investigation.

this brings us up to today. apparently, after questioning all residents of the building, the cops stated that the blame for the crime was placed on my brother and his roommate. fucking beautiful. turns out that the dude that i had run into at cain's apartment that morning was none other than his landlord. i guess he told the cops that my brother was letting 'suspicious-looking characters' into the building in the wee hours of the morning. now, the cops somehow got their shit together and figured out that my brother wasn't responsible for anything [jeeze, you think?] maybe their first clue was the fact that his car got broken into FIRST and all of his shit got stolen. and why would they steal a getaway van? so they could drive it up to the second floor? fuck.

so what's the moral of the story here?

beat the fucking shit outta any motherfucker the minute his pisses you off & shove your fist so far down his fucking throat that he can't ever go flappin' his mouth again..

whew.. now that i got that off my chest, lemme move onto something else.

my girlfriend and i went out last night with kevin, ember & his girlfriend jen to go see crouching tiger, hidden dragon but when we got to the theater it had sold out already. so we decided to check out another movie with eye-popping visual effects - dude, where's my car?  it's funny, but not quite that funny. but i do love movies with pot-smoking dogs in em, so i'd give it about a 3 out of 5. plus, it's got some hot chicks in it, so that helps. but i wouldn't pay full price to see it - definitely for a matinee only.

view the dude, where's my car? trailer: high res / low res

oh yeah, i've changed the mp3 of the week again. it's now summertime by sublime & pharcyde [in hopes that the weather will get better!]  enjoy.

ryan phillippe says to fuckstart her head.


julie VS andrea - round one [ding!]

don't tell me that the girl in the picture to the left doesn't look like the one in the 2 pictures to the right. crazy shit. i told you so. i'm still working on finding more pictures to compare with..

i watched the way of the gun last night over at my brother's place. any movie that starts off with a trailer trash bitch lippin' off some dude and then getting her face bashed in by him is ok in my books. so i recommend this one.. it's good. it was written by the same dude who wrote the usual suspects (christopher mcquarrie) and stars ryan phillippe and usual suspect's benicio del toro.

another good movie that i highly recommend is human traffic, especially if your interested in taking the drug exctasy. it should be an educational film used in schools. haha..

view the human traffic trailer: high res / low res

all the guys in the community know..


well, i haven't found any pictures of andrea to place alongside julie just yet, but i'm working on it.. (but believe me jules, your much much cuter than andrea will ever hope to be).

speaking of andrea, i've uploaded the rough mix of my final project for my audio production class to the site, just so you lucky people could be the first ones to hear it [and laugh at me before my teacher does]. listen/download the mp3 here. i know drew's gonna like it.

and there's some cool shit that i should tell you about. i've been doing some geekin' here, and now it's possible to sign up for a free bomb 2k email account - which means you can be whoever@bomb2k.com. simply sign up for your free account here.

i've also added a new download to our recordings - i did a remix of bone thugs n harmony's body rott. sounds pretty good, so check it out.

bomb2k.com in effect


crazy crazy shit.. i now have my own domain name - www.bomb2k.com - so you can now find you way here by using that url.

those of you who know me are probably looking at these pictures to the left and wondering why the fuck i'd put 'em on my site.

if you think the girl in them looks familiar, your not alone. her name is julie and she runs amabilis.net. the reason why i put pictures of her on here is because she has an uncanny resemblance to this bitch i know named andrea. i'm not saying she's a bitch too, it just freaks me out on how much they look alike.

not much is new in the life of me. i'm back in school and it sucks the castrated pig's snotty nostrils. but i only have 25 days left and then it's on to the so-called 'real world' - this parallel universe that my parents are constantly talking about...

and people thought i was mad when i believed in hover boards...

this is a good reason why women shouldn't be mechanics...

livin' a space oddessy...


so this is the future. shitty deal. where's all the flying cars and stuff? we got jipped.

my new years sucked ass. i just sat around at my friends house downtown with my girlfriend and some other people and waited for midnight to come. it was rather gay. all i had to drink was a few glasses of bubbly and a beer. i haven't been that sober on new year's eve since i learned of liquors' existence.

and now i gotta go back to school. fuck. just when i was getting used to not doing anything. oh well, this is the last month of school for me and then i'm outta there.

but enough about my boring ass life already, let me tell you what's up: everything on this site is now working. all of the photo albums are up & running now; all of the links in 'our recordings' section are working; and the live radio show has been broadcasting straight for the past few days [i'll try to have it running on schedule, between 12:00 - 8:00pm pacific time]. so that's cool. my site actually works. haha.. never thought i'd see the day.

also, for those of you out there with a website and who would like to link mine, i've now made linking logo that you can use. just copy the image and point the link to my site - http://listen.to/bombbeat or http://go.to/thecam

above is a picture of mr. stang aka 'batkid'. don't ask - he sent me this picture the other day. you should see what he did to his girlfriend.

well, that's all i gotta say for now. well, except happy new year i suppose.

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