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Deities Wildlife & Races

This document will cover all the creatures and tribes in the game Deities. Written by Carbon


There are various different tribes/races in the world of Deities. Each is different in its own way. Each is described below:


Aranor is a nomad tribe, used to jorneying from place to place, always in search of a better place for their cattle to graze. This particular tribe is slightly different because they have settled down, but they still regain their nomadic ways. They are excellent at horseback riding, and expert at her- ding. They always prefer to go to war on horseback, but are total strangers to magic.

+Riding +Cattle -Magic -Combat on foot

|Gray Elves|

Gray Elves are quite urban, they prefer to live in cities, not in some un- civilized forest village. They lead quite solitaire lives, and rarely do any- thing with eachother without a important and serious reason, let alone other races. They prefer magic over every weapon, and don't see any advantage in riding on horses (they can always use their magic...).

+Magic -Combat -Riding -Relations *Defensive


Dwarves are a isolated race, not wanting to have anything to do with other races. They do appreciate the company of other dwarves, however. They are experts in masonry and metal works. In combat dwarves prefer to use large axes. Dwarves _never_ ride horses, or use magic. It is hard to scare a dwarf, especially when they are in a battle frenzy.

+Masonry&Metal works +Combat -Psychology -Riding -Magic -Relations *Frenzy


Ezra is a human tribe. They are kind by nature, and rarely start wars. They are a quite average tribe, and have nothing against magic. The only thing Ezra do not like is weapons, they will always try to sort things out in a peaceful way, but if they have to, they will defend themselves.

+Relations -Combat *Defensive


Orcs are a brutal and primitive race. They will attack any village which they deem weaker then themselves. Many orcs don't even know what magic is, and the ones that do, don't use it. Orcs are trained to fight from a very early age, thus they are quite fierce warriors. Some orcs ride Wolves, but none ride horses.

+Combat +Wolf riding -Magic -Relations -Horse riding *Aggresive


There is a multitude of different creatures which inhabit the world of Deities and there are also creatures from different planes, which can be summoned by mages or gods, and never forget the undead.

Black Stalker - Black Stalkers are huge, black spiders. They are much larger than humans, and their jaws a razor sharp. It's virtually impossible to get out of a Black Stalkers web without another person help (and blade). Black Stalkers only come out at night to spin their webs and catch prey. They rarely venture far away from their webs, but sometimes evil mages summon them to fight with an army.

Brigands - Brigands attack unwary travellers and rob them after killing them. They especially try to ambush rich travellers. Sometimes they will also attack badly defended villages, and will pillage them and burn them to the ground. They _never_ attack well defended villages.

Death Swamp - Death Swamps aren't actually creatures, they don't have minds, but they are still dangerous. They are like swamps, only that they attempt to spread rapidly, and when a creature drowns in one, the Death Swamp will "eat" the body. Death Swamps are also much more dangerous to travel through then normal swamps. Death Swamps are also different than normal swamps, in it that they are much more dark and black. No one actually knows how these were created, but many suspect it was the doing of an evil mage.

Dragon - A very rare race, usually only show themselves when a mage summons one. They are dangerous creatures, able to breath fire, acid, or lightning, depending on their color. Their heavy scales will stop almost any normal projectile, so they are very difficult to harm. Dragons also possess large claws, which are as sharp as swords, only many times larger. Some mighty heroes have been said to ride dragons.

Drake - Akin to Dragons, Drakes are a more common race. They are quite alot smaller than dragons, thus less dangerous, but they are still able to inflict terrible damage. Drakes breath weapon is not so potent, and more usually use their teeth and claws to rip opponents to shreds.

Elemental - There are 4 different elementals, Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. Each looks different and attacks differently. Elementals are only encountered when a mage summons one. Elementals are huge, their height is 10m and taller. The differences between the Elementals are discussed below:

-Earth:Earth elementals appear in the form of a giant man, made of stone and earth. Earth elementals attack by bashing and crushing its opponent.

-Wind:Wind elementals appear to be large hurricanes, sucking in anything which comes too close, and swirling it at a tremendous speed inside itself. It attacks by taking in the opponent, and then flinging it far away.

-Fire:Fire elementals look like a large tower of fire, gliding along, and burning everything. Creatures burn already by being too close to a Fire elemental, but Fire elementals can also fling fire balls at enemies.

-Water:Water elementals look like a whirlpool. They can move on land, but when in water, a Water elemental is the most dangerous. A water elemental can take in and drown it's opponents, or create currents inside itself which crush the enemy.

Ent - Ents are trees which can move and communicate. They live in groups. They will attack all who try to harm them or any other tree. They hit and crush opponents with their massive branches. Sometimes these slow creat- ures are seen re-enforcing an army.

Fairy - Fairies are small humanoid beings with wings. Fairies are very magical and posess magical powers. Fairies usually help weary travellers in forests, and help keep evil creatures away. They never leave their home forest.

Kobold - Kobolds are a coward race, always attack in packs, and againts the one who is in the worst condition and alone. Very rarely attack vill- ages, or large groups of other creatures.

Lich - Liches are evil mages, who have performed an especially difficult and dangerous ritual, and become undead. They serve no one but themselves, and will usually amass large armies of undead to capture cities. They are very dangerous magic users. Mages who become liches are usually so power hungry that they want to become undead, so that age won't affect them.

Lycanthrope - Lycanthropes are a very feared race. They will kill one villager and change themselves to look exactly like the one they killed. They will slowly continue this killing, and finally take over the whole village. They are especially dangerous, because once they change themselves to appear to be human, you cannot spot any difference between the lycanthrope and a real human. They are quite weak creatures, so once one is found, it will try to escape, instead of fighting.

Mammoth - Mammoths are elephants with a thick layer of fur. They are quite dangerous due to their weight, and the size of their tusks. Mammoths are herbivorous so they never attack anything unless they are provoked. Mammoths have been seen in armies, ridden by skillful men.

Ogre - Ogres stand much taller than normal humans, and are very strong, but somewhat unintelligent. Their prefered weapons are boulders and clubs. Ogres live in caves, and are carnivorous. They usually only attack creatures which travel near their home cave, but sometimes Ogres are seen in the front line of an army.

Pegasus - Pegasuses are graceful, usually white or grey horses with wings. They are capable of flight because of these wings. Pegasuses rarely come out of their homes, usually only when a good mage summons one.

Skeleton - Skeletons are quite like Zombies, only that they have no flesh, and are more intelligent, thus capable of using weapons. Skeletons are also only created when an evil mage creates them from dead bodies. They will also serve their master, never disobeying, like Zombies.

Vampire - Vampires are humans, risen from the dead, with terrible fangs. They are created when a mage chants an evil spell to raise a human from the dead. Vampires are as intelligent as they were alive, and some times even turn against their master. Vampires "live" by drinking blood, which they take from the living. Many vampires posess magical powers. Many a time a Vampire is seen leading a undead army into battle.

Wolf - Wolves move in packs, attack everything that wanders into their territ- ory. They attack with frightening ferociousness, but will rarely attack villages, except if exceptionally hungry or if the village is too close to their territory. Sometimes Orcs ride Wolves.

Zombie - Zombies are humans, or any other humanoid risen from the grave, usua- lly by some dark ritual performed by an evil mage, to do as their ma- ster commands. Zombies are slow and clumsy, and their only weapon is their hands and nails, with which they claw at their enemies. One zombie is no threat to anyone, but a large mass of zombies is hard to stop.