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Review Deities

Deities is a god-like game, but in no way a Black&White clone, it'll be pretty original. Your goal will be to get followers for the "over god", and finally become the "over god" yourself. If your interested in helping, contact me! I've include a Progress list underneath so you can see my progress (what did you think you could see from the Progress list?). Screenshots will come as soon as possible. I've alsa created a ' Deities Wildlife & Races' list.

Tech. Info on Deities:

-1024x768 Resolution with 24bit colors. (Planning to include 640x480 resolution if needed).
-Music & SFX



-Multiple Animations Simultaneously 100%

-Collision Detection 95%

-Sound F/X Routines 100%

-Music Routines 100%

-A.I.(it's never finished ;)) 10%

-Graphics 7%

-Animation Routines 95%

-Music 100%

-Sound F/X 100%