.words, words, words.

"Sometimes, in this world of ours, vinyl speaks louder than words." Francesca Lia Block

"Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw."Heathers

"If you love someone set them free. If they return to you, put several eight-inch blades in their head. If they return again, then run...just run." Roman Dirge Lenore

"I remember growing up and feeling there is not a lot of room for acceptance. You
are taught at a very early age to conform to certain things. It's a situation, at least in America, that's very
prevalent and which starts from day one at school: this person's smart, this person's not smart,
this person is good at sports, this one's not, this one's weird, this one's normal.
From day one, you're categorized." Tim Burton

"Never trust a bald barber. He has no respect for your hair." Kuffs

"How bitter a thing it is to look at happiness through another man's eyes." Shakespeare As You Like It

"The fire which seems out often sleeps beneath the cinders." Pierre Corneille

"The world is too big for small dreams." S.R. Ayers

"You've just insulted my inner hippie." Joe S.

"'Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss." Shakespeare Pericles

"Haven't you heard that whores can have hearts, and so forth?" Tennessee Williams Sweet Bird of Youth

"Mrs. Peacock was a MAN?!?" Mr. Green, Clue

"Never to be squandered, the miracle of another human being." Prelude to a Kiss