Kim, aka, That Girl Over There, Hey You, Sink Girl,
Florence Nightingale, Kimmy, Ace, The Quiet One...but usually I go by Kim.

Here I am. Ta-da.

My freckled muse.

Anthems: Storybook (from The Scarlet Pimpernel)
She (Green Day)

Occupation: Actress and Bouncer (bounce bounce bounce)

I love my Playstation.

Sloth is my favorite of the seven deadly sins.
Lust is a close second.

Listening to... clicky

On my bookshelf... clicky

Watching... clicky

I really, really suck at Twister.
But not at Chez Geek.

People never cease to fascinate me. And/or infuriate me.

William Shatner isn't all that bad.
But Kevin Costner is.

The name of the dark priest in Castlevania:Symphony of the Night is Shaft, which tickles me no end.

I like the night life. I like to boogie.

Sweet: theatre - Brett - books - photography - intellectual intercourse - sly smiles - my Docs
cross-stitching - cappachino lip balm - turtles - stop lights - pretty-stick thrashings - "I win"
road trips - bats - singing - Panera - Shakespeare - fairy tales - speaking in various dialects
sentiment - "Grr" - tarot - autumn - fishnets - chokers - Chez Geek - beginnings - Indiglo - yummy - vinyl
being precocious - my granny boots - French - Gene Kelly - Vanilla - faeries - coloring
Slurpees - letters - Muppets - matchmaking - Francesca Lia Block - cherry cola - Munchkin - leather roses
sketching - Renaissance Faires - black dresses - the scent of Bactine - Tim Burton
Dorothy Parker - snogging - corderoy - costumes - make-believe

Pepe is fabulous. (see below)

I don't cook.

Snackies: Skittles, Wheat Thins and Squeeze Cheese, Fudge Cookies, Yogurt-covered raisins,
Lime Tostito chips, Doritos, Pizza flavored Goldfish, popcorn

I am a self-proclaimed Shakespeare junkie.

I have three scars, one birthmark, and zero tattoos.

I bruise easily.

Few things anger me more than the incorrect use of the appostraphe.

Artists: John William Waterhouse, Charles Addams, M.C. Escher,
Bougerou, Edward Gorey, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali

I believe that life is the ultimate art.

Had enough?