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The Pack

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Member Clan Rank Notes
Mistress Norna Baalphegor Tzimisce Black Hand &
Pack Mother
Gabe Clemons Brujah Antitribu Pack Ductus email
Isabel DeSalve Toreador Antitribu Pack Secretary none
Skyler Darthorne Toreador Antitribu Pack Priestess email
Kuron McGregor Country Gangrel Antitribu Pack Enforcer none
Gabrielle DeSalve Tzimisce none none
Promise Jewel Pander none none
Kimmy Bratovitch Pander Pack Abbot none

Sect and Pack Rules
Ranks in the Sabbat
Pack Clans
Code of Milan
Vaulderie and Vinculum
Auctoritas Ritae

Necropolis by Night
WoD Disciplines
The Wastelands
Wastelands Black Hand
Tzimisce Hall of Learning
Halls of Sorrow
A Kindred Page

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-Friendly OOC Disclaimer-
Repeat after me: "I am not a vampire. I am not a bloodthirsty creature of the night. I do not have supernatural powers. If I even start to confuse the boundries of the game and real life, I will put down the game and not endanger other people". Repeat until you believe it.