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Timeline of Events in the Annals of the Black Company

Death's Head Badge: by Eldon the Seer

J. Wragg has said that the events in the Annals were screaming for a map. You can't really understand the events if you can't see them in their physical context. The same goes for the temporal context. Sure, we can read and kind of remember which came first, Roses or Rust. But can we keep that straight along with Lords, Charm, Dejagore, and a myriad of others events? Well, maybe. But it would be great to see them all laid out, don't you think?

In making up this chronology of the Annals of the Black Company, I have used the fact that the Great Comet has a cycle of 37 years. The tenth return, when Bomanz unearths the Lady and the Taken, is therefore 370 years after the fall of the Domination. I have made the year 0 the beginning of the Domination and all dates stem from these two data.

Where I could I have tried to attach dates to years before or after the Domination (BDy and Dy, respectively). Sometimes, however this is not possible. When Sleepy gives us the history of Glittering Stone, she mentions periods and gives no dates relating to those periods and the one she is in. I have therefore given the periods names and placed them relative to each other.

If you have any suggestions or corrections, please email me. I'd love to hear from you. More events will hopefully be forthcoming.

Events in the North Events in the South

Rule of the Nef Nef create plain known later as Glittering Stone.
Routes to planes open. Trade commences.
Period of Exhaustion Armies war across the planes. Trade routes collapse.
Shivetya comes into being (is ceated or imagined).
Fortress of Shivetya built. Trade routes open.
Shivetya creates the Washane, Washene, and Washone.
War of the Gods Kina arises and sweeps across the planes.
Kina is defeated. Shivetya is compelled to guard Kina.
Wars of the Planes Planes begin wars upon each other. Trade routes threatened.
World gates and Keys created.
Shadows created. Trade routes collapse again.
Creation of roads and circles in Glittering Stone.
BDy 1442 Temple of Travellers' Repose founded.
c. 819 Creation of standing stones by precursors of the Free Companies
c. 460 Reign of Niam. Appearance of the forvalaka in Beryl.
19 Appeareance of the first of the Free Companies.
6 Battle of Dartstone.
Dy 0 Beginning of the Domination. Taking of the Ten Who Were Taken.
c. 10 Conquest of Jaunt.1
44 Taking of the last of the Ten Who Were Taken.
100 Battle of Old Forest. End of the Domination.
149 The Black Company of Khatovar emerges. Probable rise of the Deceiver cult.
c. 384 Battle of Torn.
470 Tenth return of the Great Comet. Bomanz unearths Lady and the Taken.
c. 530 Seige of Tember
538 Rise of the Shadowmasters.
542 Revolution in Beryl. The Company enters Imperial service.
543 Battles of Lords, Rust, Roses.
544 Battles of the Stair of Tear, Windy Country, Charm.
550 Battle of Maedle's Inn.2
551 Battle of the Black Castle.
c. 556 Battle of Queen's Bridge.
558 Battles of Horse, Barrowland.
Campaigns of Willow, Mather, Blade against the Shadowmasters. Beginning of the Shadowmaster Wars.
559 Battles of Needleteeth Swamp,3 Ghoja Ford, Numa Ford, Dejagore.
Incident of the Silver Spike.
559-60 Siege of Dejagore.
564 Battle of Charandaprash. Siege of Overlook. End of the Shadowmaster Wars.
565 Company reaches Glittering Stone. Kiaulune War begin.
574 Battle of Kashkhoshi. End of the Kiaulune War.
581 Company enters the Land of Unknown Shadows.

1Shapeshifter was the first Taken (1-89). Using the information Tracker supplied Croaker with, namely that Jaunt was conquered early in the Domination and that Barthelme of Jaunt became one of the Taken, I have concluded that Barthelme and Shapeshifter were one and the same.

Soulcatcher (our own, not the crazy sorceress) has a differing opinion: "Barthelome of Jaunt was a Taken....however you forget the sisters Senjak (Sylith, Credence, Dorothea and Ardath). The Dominator and the Lady (Dorothea my sister...) destroyed Jaunt prior to declaring himself. My memory is foggy however, Ardath was married to Erin Nofather and Credence to Barthelome of Jaunt (or vica versa). Unfortunately right now I have no references to my books in front of me being as I am holidaying. However...I may have those two mixed up. Barthelome of Jaunt was "the Limper" bro in law (we dislike each other like Raker and Harden did who were bro in laws...remember). The Dominator was Raft, Prince in waiting of Start who married Dorothea Senjak (the marriage was notated but no death records found). Dorothea could not very well say the Dominator's name was in Whisper's papers (she did not know his name but she could not say once she knew the name because then Croaker and all would know her name to be Dorothea). I believe I am correct in this."

2For lack of a better name, I have named the battle after the inn where the Company destroyed the Rebel movement in Tally Province.

3Again a lack of a given name. I have taken the liberty of naming the battle after the most notorious creature who played a great part, if unconsciously so, in Croaker's plan.