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March 26, 2000

This is nothing major, but I have placed a copy of a Quake 3 map up for download. It's based on the map "Deathmatch Arena" that I did some two years ago for Quake 2. I've renamed it to Blood Arena and revamped all the architecture thanks to Quake 3 handling higher poly counts than Quake 2. I've beefed up the weapons and the health to accomodate 2 on 2 for Team Play or Tournament. It seems to work very well with the bots and can be very fast. Download it now!





February 27, 2000

Fort Night's Destruction is finished and can be downloaded from the download page.





February 8, 2000

Yes I still exist! Fort Night will be out THIS WEEK! I also pulled some old dated maps from the site, but if you search Fileplanet hard enough you will find several others, even ones I never posted here :-)

I also reenabled the counter at the bottom, I broke it cleaning up the HTML code a month or so ago, I was very shocked to see how many hits this site had gotten in that amount of time! Thanks guys!





December 16, 1999

Fort Night's Destruction is complete. I am waiting for a response from Info_Beta in regards to when it will be tested...hopefully very soon. Since Quake 3 came out (and the tools) I will be strictly editing in Quake 3, expect a LOT of material from me on this engine as it is truly fantastic!





October 22, 1999

Fort Night's Destruction is coming, but due to some family problems, I had to put it off for a short time. I have made some major changes so not releasing it may have been a good thing. Keepyour eyes peeled at the Info_Beta as I will be releasing it VERY soon.




September 21, 1999

I was trying real hard to get this map out tonight on aprivate beta, but unfortunately due to a strange bug causing it to crash in software mode as well as the water to do some REALLY funky things, it looks like it may be a day or two more before it is released. I've decided to add a couple of other things to the map to help keep the "flow" right by keeping people from being able to camp the flag in the spawn room. I wanted this especially as I am focusing this map on tournement style playability. To make this fair, I won't be allowing the flagcarrier access to any health, but they will have armor and ammo available to them and since the medic can heal, this will instill more proper use of the medic other than just to annoy the hell outta people with his tropical disease. In the meantime, go check out my only Half-Life map "Myst" which you can find on my downloads page, it was something I should've spent more time on, especially the lighting, but I was rushed into completion of it at the last minute, but I still think that it is aVERY fun deathmatch map to do a FFA with about 6-8 people :-) Keep your eyes posted here for the next day or two, it will be ready for the first public beta here real soon.





September 19, 1999

The latest info on "Fort Night's Destruction" as it is now called is that I will have it ready for beta within a few days. I have been having some problems with various entities which have now been cleared up and all that's left to do is some minor texture alignment and other texture problems along with adding the flags. Now I'm going to go ahead and give you the low down on how this map will work, I have a screenshot, but itwon't be availble for a few hours from this post due to problems uploading the image. Here's the link, it's an old out-of-date picture, but it is a good idea of the basic outdoor fort area, there so much more to it :-) "Fort Night's Destruction" This map was designed with tourney play on the internet in mind. I have built in many features that will provide for an equal start as well as a unique and interesting form ofgameplay. There are 3 major goals to this map. You must complete one goal before being able to move to the second and so on.

1. You must infiltrate the enemy base and using a detpack, blow open the security center which is a section of glass with computers behind it. This prevents people from running the flag right at server start...hehe

2. After this, you must then destroy the security computers which will cause the basement/flag room doors to raise...there are four of them and they will open very slowly.

3. Now you have access to the flag rooms!!! You scouts can run that flag to your hearts content, just beware of the snipers :-)

There is one other thing here, the game will not officially start until 15 seconds after the map spawns, this will prevent LPB's with superfast comp's from getting into the game and getting a "leg up" on us poor lagger's :-) This map is truly very detailed and has some other benifits such as you won't get hung onarchitecture when you're running backwards and hit a wall light jutting out from the wall and most corners are rounded off so that you will slingshot if you are running parallel to a wall and hit a corner... you'll see :-P I will be posting a link to the beta download within a few days for anyone who is as excited as I am about seeing and playing this map online.





September 3, 1999

Good Morning! Well, morning for me anyway :-) I'm sorry to announce that I have dropped the second Quake 2 DM, but Q2BMDM7 will be out shortly but has been put off to release a TFC map called "Fort Night". This map, if I do say so myself, isGORGEOUS and is getting better all the time. It's big, about 16-24 players minimum. Right now it has over 8500 brushes and will probably max out the entity count for Half-Life games. If you are interested in beta testing this map, I will be posting it on DOE. If you've never been to this site, I strongly recommend checking it out as there are some very cool things happening there!





July 25, 1999

Well, I have narrowed down my two choices to complete my Quake 2 pak's with. One is called "Iron Fort", and no that's not original :-) The map is fairly large, afew dark corners and traps as well. The second is the one I've been working on for quite a while, "Breaking Down The Barriers" and it is still in production, I've decided to add some original textures to this map, I will be posting new screenies of these two maps in the next post.