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SNES Downloads
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SNES Downloads


You will not now nor ever find commerical SNES ROMS on this site. This page is for the stuff that I have created in 658c16 Assembly language MYSELF. This page is focused on development ONLY.


Here are some of the SNES programs [.SMC files] and SNES-related utilities that I have created.

SNES utils

x2snes Utils

This new set of Open Source utilities I have built MYSELF allows you to convert between different Image file formats and convert them into SNES tile data. These utilities are available for Linux and DOS. Right now the only format supported is bitmap, but that will soon change.

Really, really detailed info in the README file, check it out.

Last minute note for Linux users!!!
When you untar/unzip everything, inside the x2snes/ folder, create a folder named bin/ - For some reason, tar didn't include the empty folder. Sorry about that, I'll update it in a few days or so.

Here it is:
X2SNES utils v1.0.0 Linux port
X2SNES utils v1.0.0 DOS/Windows port

SNES Demos:

This is one of my first demos, which also shows off an image I imported using my program BMP2SNES. You can run this in ZSNES.