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Pokémon Central Webring

Glad you made it into the Pokémon Central Webring! Shown below is the code you need to put on your webpage once you are signed up with this webring. If you are not signed up and you want to join, click Here to join. If you are all set to go and approved, then go ahead and copy the HTML code shown below into your website. Also, refer this to other people who have Pokémon websites, because with more sites in the Ring, there will be more hits to each website in it.

Here's what it looks like:
(Don't Click on this one!)

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Here's The HTML Code:

In the code shown below, several of the links have a line that looks like this:;id=--id--;prev

Make sure to replace the --id-- with your site ID given to you when you signed up for this ring.
For example, if your Site ID were 21, you would put the following for the link shown above:;id=21;prev

If you are hopelessly confused, Email me at

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