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Pallet Town

Map of Pallet Town Places to see:
A- Ash's House
B- Gary's House
C- Professor Oak's Lab
      The town of Pallet.. where Ash's Adventure begins. Just to clear this up, I am going to refer to Ash as the main character in the game, and Gary as his competitor, becuase in the Blue version of the game, Gary is the main character, and Ash is his competitor.

      You first start the game in Ash's room in front of (what else?) SNES. When you walk downstairs, your mother informs you that Professor Oak has been looking for you. If you go to his lab you'll notice that he is not there, and Gary is nowhere to be found either. The whole town seems to have nothing in it, but the second you try to leave at the top, Professor Oak appears from nowhere to tell you that its dangerous to go into the tall grass without Pokémon of your own to fight the wild ones. So you follow him to the lab.

      In the lab, in perfect timing comes your competitor, and Professor Oak's grandson, Gary Oak. Professor Oak tells you he was once a great trainer, but know only has 3 pokémon left. He offers one to you and Gary, and naturally you get to pick first. The three pokémon are the fire Pokémon, Charmander, the water Pokémon, Squirtle, and the grass Pokémon, Bulbusaur. Pick whichever you like, it really doesn't matter, but beware: you can't get the other 2 pokémon anywhere else in the game except by trading for them. Gary then will pick whichever Pokémon that your Pokémon is weak against. As you begin to walk out the door, Gary stops you in your tracks to try out your new Pokémon. This battle is very simple, mainly becasue you have one Pokémon each, who only know two moves. Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbusaur know either SCRATCH or TACKLE, which actually do damage, and either GROWL or TAIL WHIP, which lower the enemy's defense or attack. If you lose this battle, its no big deal, but if you win, your pokémon goes up a level.

      After the battle, Gary leaves, and you are free to do so too. You cant take the last Poké Ball, so just leave. Use the exit toward the top of Pallet Town to go up Route 1 to Viridian City. Along Route 1, you will find only Rattata's and Pidgey's. You can't catch them yet, so don't waste too much energy on them. If you find yourself desperately weak, you can return to ash's house where his mother advises you to take a quick rest. This will heal all your Pokémon.

To Viridian City